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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's Interesting...

Today, I was looking through YouTube and Katrina got a rather ominous threat from someone who is subscribed to her. StropeFromBWC said that he contacted a man named Bill Waggoner today and apparently this man is upset because Katrina is mocking Strope and Hobofart on her channel. He said that if Katrina's channel was not taken down by midnight tonight, that Mr. Waggoner was going to brute force her password. I guess that means he's going to phish her password so he can gain access to her account. But first, let me give you a little history about this guy Bill Waggoner....

He apparently owns a movie production company, called BWC Productions, that operates on YouTube, and some of his members are Hoboctzarandco, and ReverendJandea, as well as this StropeFromBWC, which is actually Hobofart under one of his many aliases. Everyone knows he has more than one. If you go to his site, which I did (I made that mistake), all it is is a corny introduction and a chatroom with a webcam option. I posted on Katrina's homepage that this BWC Productions company cannot be a very reputable company if they send out trolls all over YouTube to harass random people that they do not know, and then gripe and cry when the same thing is done to one of their members. Katrina added "And also threaten to brute force someone else's password." You've all been reading these blogs, you know the kind of bullying and harassing hobofart has done with me, and Anna, and we are just the beginning. And let the record show, that I did not start any of this business with Hobofart. He started with me. He even continued to harass me after I told him I wanted nothing more to do with him, and stopped responding to any of his posts. I even deleted them unread. I had to go so far as to block him from my channel, which I always hate doing. Katrina's only on YouTube to "get in on the action", so she said last night. LOL! Because of that, ReverendJandea calls Katrina's account a "sock account", apparently still thinking Katrina is me. LOL! But still, I wouldn't want to become a member of this "company". It's only a matter of time before this BWC Productions company is raided by the FBI. They need to quickly find better things to do with their time.

I think it's funny that Katrina is so hard on them that they are now threatening her. I mean, "brute force her password"?? How does that make his company look? Report Katrina to the YouTube gurus, and maybe you might not look as bad, but to take the law into your own hands makes you look like Adolf Hitler! Well, Katrina said that if something does happen, she will just create a new YouTube account. And if anything happens to that one, she'll just create another account, and then another and another, until this BWC company gets the message that she is not going anywhere, and not bowing down to kiss their butts. This is what she told me tonight. I say, You go girl!! Hobofart is not the only one that can create multiple accounts just to harass people!!