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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Breakthrough

Well, Hobofart has a new identity, now he's a woman trolling around YouTube, who calls himself "MsLulzALot", and he has figured out my address. But hey! It's OK. Katrina was on lunchbreak at work and looked at her YouTube, and then told me about how they posted my address and everything on her homepage. I know what happened. Hobofart visited my MySpace and got my name, and there is a website where anyone can get the address of anyone as long as they have that person's full name. I know all about it, my stepfather told me about it and it is free. Of course he didn't have to go all the way to MySpace, he could have got my name on the UMG Productions website. I regularly use my name on my books.

I'm OK with Hobofart having my address, because I know he's not going to come here anyway. By the time he will be able to, Anna and I will probably be in Billings. Of course I don't plan on staying in Billings for very long, but after that, who knows where I will move to next? I might come back here to Ocean Shores. Or I might move farther north. Rialto Beach is nice! Or Vancouver Is. Or I might move south, Coos Bay is also nice! :) That's as far south as I dare go!! I hate California!! Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag, isn't it? hehehe!! Guess it's too much to hope for that Hobofart send me a Christmas card though. LOL!

I also know why he did it. He was hoping to get Katrina's address. Katrina and I share a lot of things, but her physical address is not among those things! LOL! She lives in Chehalis, 100 miles away from me. I live here. Hobofart can look all he wants, and he will never find Katrina's address anywhere. There are ways of having your info removed from those sites too ;) And Katrina knows it. And she does not put her address up anywhere. I let her use mine, Eva lets her use her's or Katrina uses an old address, whatever, but she does not use the one she has now. So, sorry Hobofart! LOL!

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