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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Tim!!!!

I want to take this time to wish my most favorite musician of all time the bestest birthday wishes!!! I still love you LOTS!!! I hope you get this message Tim. I know someone from Australia looks in on this blog from the INXS website. Several people in fact. I think I am going to post the video I did last year on YouTube for Tim's birthday. I don't know if he saw it, but I think he'd sure get a kick out of it if he did. The thing is, the introduction was so LONG!!! Introductions should be no more than 20 seconds on YouTube. One video with an introduction that was slightly over a minute I completely lost interest in!! Plus it had rap music besides, and I do not like rap music. Although Timmy has done a rap before on a song. It was brief though. Tim can do anything! He is multi-talented, just like the rest of the guys of INXS.

Well, I've been a fan of Tim's since 1998, especially after I acquired the video "In Search Of Excellence". That was when I discovered what a funny guy Tim really is! But my love for him was overshadowed by a still lingering love for Michael. Even though at that time, Michael was already dead, I still loved him, as did many INXS fans. Some have never lost that love. I cannot say I lost it completely, though with me it has toned down considerably. I still see some pics of him that is worthy of a second glance. I didn't like him at all with straight hair though. I loved him better with the long, curly hair he had when he did Kick. But Michael with long, straight hair, he did not look good to me then! He should never have done that! He didn't look like himself. He didn't look like the man I knew and loved. He didn't look like the man I kissed at the concert in 1991. LOL! But Tim is a whole other story!!

I can't even think of a time when I didn't like how Tim looks. He was good looking in Simple Simon, just as handsome as he is today!! Michael wasn't even that good looking in Simple Simon. He looked like a pimply-faced little boy. I'm sorry, I hate speaking of Michael that way, but it's so true!!! He looked like that all the way through to the Listen Like Theives album. It wasn't until Kick came out that he went from being an ugly duckling to a gorgeous and beautiful swan! But Tim, he was a handsome man from day one in his career! I saw him in the video for Simple Simon, and he was still so handsome!! And he was only 20 then. There aren't many 20-year olds that can make me turn my head, in fact there are none! But Timmy back then, if I were a teenager when Simple Simon came out, I would have fallen madly in love with Timmy!!! But I was only a baby then. I didn't even listen to rock music back then. LOL! I was still listening to kiddie music, and watching Big Bird on Sesame Street. Now, I just watch the classic Sesame Street to rekindle old memories.

But enough about that, this is Timmy's day!! Well, it's actually on the 16th, but it will be the 16th tomorrow where he lives, and it will be the 16th again here the next day, and I want to make sure I've wished him well for his birthday. He deserves it. So I want to say....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM!!!!!!! I love you lots, LOTS, LOTS!! May all your dreams and wishes for this year come true!! Also, I hope your wife, Beth, is doing very well, and continues to do very well! Hope she has a speedy recovery. :)

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