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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Open The Door

I was watching America's Most Wanted last night, and there was a story of an elderly couple. It was after dark in the story, and there was a knock on their door. So what do they do? The woman goes to answer it. Seemingly without even thinking about it, she goes to answer the door. She opens it up and is shot to death right there. For an older woman, that was really dumb of her!! I don't mean any disrespect but someone her age should know not to answer the door after dark!! I never do!!! I barely answer to strangers during the day! And I live in a town where crime is virtually unknown! My grandma knew better, in fact she kept her door bolted. She would always ask who was at the door, and if it was someone outside of family, she would tell them to go away. I'm afraid I'm getting to be like her! I don't much like strangers myself, and I will not open my door for them.

I remember one day I was here all by myself, and I was on the computer, and someone knocked on the door. I went to the window to see who it was and it was a guy I didn't recognize at all. So I opened the little window, and I asked him what he wanted. It turned out it was the guy who we used to call on a lot to fix our car! Apparently he moved, and he looked different! He'd shaved his hair! Once I realized who he was, then I opened the door. But I was a bit scared at first. But watching the story on AMW last night, keeps me in mind of why I never answer the door at night.

I remember when we lived in Lakewood, I used to hear people knocking on our door at night all the time! I never answered though. But that was scary! It happened more than once. Whoever it was would knock a couple of times, then turn around and walk away. I remember once it happened while I was reaching in the medicine closet for my meds. I heard someone knocking on the door, plain as day! And it was about 3 AM. It was a rather rapid knocking, and they did it a couple of times and then gave up. But I wasn't even coming close to opening that door!! Lakewood is a crappy town, and it was known for it's gangs and crime at that time. So I don't know who that person was, but obviously someone with a total lack of intelligence if he thought for one second I was going to open that door!!

Now I can officially say I have a stalker on YouTube. Hobofart (HOBOCTZARANDCO) has been following me around YouTube. I had to block him from my channel, and I knew it would lead to his getting angrier and following me to other videos I comment on and trying to get me to respond to his drivel. Most of the time, I just delete any posts from him that show up in my inbox, I don't even read them, I just delete them. I said as long as he doesn't show up at my house, I don't care what he does, or says, on YouTube! At least on YouTube, I have the option to delete his posts, and I never have to look at them if I don't want to, and I usually choose not to. It's probably all the same things he's always accused me of anyway: animal abuse. He's trying to convince me that I abuse all my animals. And I know I don't abuse animals. Everyone who knows me knows I never abuse animals either. So, what he says really does not matter. Some morons may believe him, but think about this: he's never met me or my animals, he's never been to my house (and never will), and he does not know any of my friends or family. So he's just speaking from his ass. He lives all the way on the other side of the country. For him to come all the way over here, for someone who does not care about him, and does not want to know him, and just to tell me to put on a bra, would be kinda dumb IMO. But then it wouldn't be the first stupid thing he ever did, I'll wager you! But on YouTube, if I see his name in any of my comment responses, I just click the little box next to his name and click delete. I don't even open them. :) That's probably going to piss him off more, but that's OK. :) I don't usually like blocking people. But when they become obsessed like Hobofart, I have no choice. Until he cools down, which I doubt will ever happen.

He says he is 22 years old, so he hasn't matured yet. Maybe he will mature in about another 20 years? Some guys don't mature until they are well into their 50s. Poor hobofart must be terribly lonely. The only time I've seen behavior like his is from obsessed men whose girlfriends decide they don't like his frenetic ways and leaves him, only to be confronted by him later with him carrying a gun and shooting them to death. Ever seen the movie "A Cry For Help: The Tracy Thurman Story"? It's a good movie! Hobofart (his real name is Lance) reminds me so much of that husband who just cannot accept the fact that his former wife just does not want him around. So he keeps harassing her. Well, the police in that movie would not help Tracy, but I've actually gotten to know the cops here. Just in case Lance tries to come here, I will not hesitate to do what I have to to get him away. :) I love how Lance complains so heavily that "my ma never taught me manners and decency", and look at what he does on a daily basis. LOL!!! I have to question what kind of person was his ma? Or did he even have a ma? Maybe his mama was a sea turtle that just left him on a beach to hatch, then swam away never to see him again.

Thankfully though there is no crime here. I love this town!! We only lived in Lakewood for a very short time, I could not stay there any longer than we did, because it is such a crappy town!! I have no idea who it was that always knocked on our door at night there. One night I was at work and Anna was home alone and that happened. She said she looked out the window to try and catch a glimpse of who it was, and it was a black guy in army duds. That was what she saw, and she had already gone to bed at that time and the lights were mostly off. She said that man headed for a car driven by a white dude. I told her I was so glad they gave up and moved on! Because I was still at work! What if that had happened and I was just coming home? I wouldn't have wanted to see a stranger on my doorstep going to a car with another stranger parked in front of my house!!! I was also grateful that Anna did not answer the door! I know she knows better. I think if I saw that idiot on my doorstep, and another car parked in front of our house at that hour, I would have pretended I didn't belong there and moved on, hoping they would not recognize my car! I really do not know if every time there was a knock on our door that it was the same person. I have no clue! I was not in a position to see the front door like Anna was in that house. And I wasn't foolish enough to look out the front window. That would have been like putting my bare hand in a rattlesnake cage!! Because that person could have had a gun!!

I just live my life day by day on one simple rule: DON'T TRUST STRANGERS!!!!! Strangers can turn out to be friends, but get to know them before you think of them that way!! Believe me, I've been down the road the other way before with strangers. It's no picnic!! Better to have a stranger hate you than for you to think they are a friend, only to get burned by them later on.
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