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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Darned Budget Cuts!!!

My apologies for not being on this site for a while. I haven't even written anything in my Metazoic blog, and I was to a point where every week, I was doing a Metazoic Family of the Week! All my viewers really seem to enjoy those! And they kept that blog busy. But I have been busy. Now that I have a trial with MS Office 2010, I am taking full advantage of it. I am back to work on my book about horse breeds of the world. That book has been sitting unfinished for the past year! And now I am back to work on it. I'm rather proud of it too! I finally completed the chapter with the light horse breeds (I finished the pony section last year), and I am currently on the draft horses. It is tough though!! I don't know horses as well as I thought I did! Oh, I know the common breeds, and in fact I have a morgan mare and a morgan/arab cross mare. They are staying with Katrina now, but once we get some acreage (maybe when we move to Montana), they will be moving back with us! But there are more than 300 different breeds of horses, and to find info about all of them, including on the internet, is quite a challenge! Some of the really rare breeds there aren't even any breeders of them! So, it's pointless to try and discuss these with breeders. It's not like it was writing the dog book, where there are many breeders, and kennel clubs that recognize multiple breeds. Horses are far more complex than that!! It's about as complex writing a book about horses, as it is with another one of our writers, who is working on a book about New York!! LOL! Well!! What the heck! We have a book about California, why not include a book about New York!!??

Well anyway, I hate these darned budget cuts!! And they are popping up in the worst possible places!! For example, I know someone who is on Social Security, and needs to have oral surgery done. Well, this person is on a very limited budget, and in fact relies on medicaid for health care. Well, when this person tried to make an appointment with the dentist to have the surgery done, the receptionist mentioned that anesthesia was going to be $300 extra, and Medicaid does NOT cover it anymore, as of this year!!! This friend told me about this, and I asked why not, and this person told me that the receptionist mentioned it is because of these budget cuts!! UGH!! So what if this was a life-threatening surgery? Like a gall-bladder surgery or something like that? Would this individual who is on Medicaid have to pay extra just to be knocked out, or if the $300 or so cannot be provided by them, do the surgeons just cut the patient open while they are wide awake, and screaming in pain? That is the worst place to put a damn budget cut!! People on Medicaid do not make that much! And in fact, $300 would be half of what this individual I know gets each month in SS. So it would be a choice between paying the surgeon and paying the rent. This person can either have this surgery done, and have this oral problem fixed, or pay the rent and still have a home to come home to and recover after surgery. I feel for this person, because I am this person's best buddy. At least I think so! LOL! I always put a lot of emotional investment in people I consider my friends, and I like to try and help them all I can. But I don't know how I can help this person, and this person really needs it.

I blame Obama for this, though Katrina said you can't really blame him. She said it's not his doing. What do you all think of these budget cuts? Let me know in the reactions. This country is messed up now! And now I heard Dino Rossi is the one responsible for sending all of our manufacturing work overseas! And to think, I liked him!! UGH!!! He's sending all that work to China, and leaving no jobs here! I have noticed all the big factories are closing down in this country little by little. The only jobs that are being left here are jobs that requires high levels of training! That is, university graduates and shit. Not everyone can afford to attend a major university! And grants are not given to people with a job and an income, no matter how little it is. If you make over a certain amount (just slightly above welfare levels) you don't qualify for a grant! You can get a student loan! But I would not recommend it. Trust me on that! The fact that student loan collectors will hound you for the rest of your life is as certain as night follows day!

So why are all the no-brainer jobs being sent to China? I'll tell you why. Because there, people can be hired for pennies a day. I know because I used to work in a factory. I don't want to make this sound too racy, but it's true. People hire individuals who are not native to this country, barely, if at all, speak english, and only interested in making whatever they can per day to send to their families in other countries, because all they need are just the bare essentials. Most of those people will work for peanuts. It's true! While the giving money to their families overseas is a nice sentiment, some jobs need to stay here, where the economy is worse!!

That makes me think of something hysterical!! There was this woman named Maria, that worked at the factory I worked at, and she got a couple of dogs from another long-time friend of mine named Nancy. Well, Nancy had been buying and giving Maria toys to give the dogs, but she suspected that Maria had not been giving the toys to the dogs because of the way Maria would answer whenever Nancy would ask how the dogs like the new toys. Nancy often got the toys from Petsmart or Petco, and give them to Maria to give to the dogs. Nancy suspected Maria was taking the toys back to Petsmart or Petco, just to get the money for them. Well, one day Nancy wanted to fool Maria, so she went to the dollar store and bought some cheap toys to give to Maria to give to the dogs, and told Maria that she bought them from Petco. Naturally, Maria accepted graciously. The very next day, Maria angrily confronted Nancy and asked "Did you say you got those toys from Petco??" Nancy said yes. Somehow, Nancy heard through the grapevine that Maria did try to take those Dollar Store toys back to Petco for a refund after Nancy gave them to her, only to have the Petco staff tell her that they didn't sell those kind of toys there. Really, you would have had to know the kind of person Maria was in order to really get that story! But it was FUNNY!!!!

Maria was money-hungry, all the time. She cared more about money than she did about any living things, including dogs and people! She was a known liar, and she was an animal abuser. After I left the factory, Nancy told me that Maria's roommate said that Maria kept the dogs she got from Nancy in crates because they had worms. She never let them out of the crates for anything, not even to go out and use the bathroom. And she never took them to the vet to get those worms treated!! This roommate said the dogs had been locked in those crates for 3 months! Never being let out! That made me angry!! I knew Maria's previous track-record, and I had no reason to doubt she did that!! She wanted to get a pomeranian puppy from me once, and I would not let her have one! She even offered to pay me double what I wanted for them, and I still said NO!! Even if I thought she had the money, I still would never have let her have any of those pups because of the way she treated the dogs she got from Nancy! I can, to a degree, tolerate liars (I always find out the truth anyway!) But I do not tolerate animal abusers! Especially in crimes against dogs! I have this thing, if my dogs don't eat, then I don't eat! I put them before myself. They go to the vet before I go to the doctor. They only go in their crates to sleep at night, or during my naps, and that is for their safety. Other times, they have free roaming of the house, or they sit beside me on my chair. In fact, I bought this chair so I can have more cuddle time with the dogs. I can't even fathom getting a dog and doing to it what Maria did to her's!!

Well, that's enough of my rant. Back to work on the horse book! Watch for it on the UMG Productions site!


katrina said...

no you cant blame obama. he's been trying to get medical insurance for the poor approved. it's the government and congress that is to blame. i hope your friend can get their medicaid problem solved, but stop blaming obama.

mikessa said...

And who runs goverment and congress? The president does.