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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holli Won!

I knew it was going to be her who wins on Hell's Kitchen tonight! I saw it in her performance. I hope Anna saw it, because it was a good show. She is still in Billings having what is hopefully a lot of fun! I always watch this program every year. Around June, I usually look for it to begin. I just love how Chef Ramsay is a combination of a tough and crusty coger, and yet he tempers it with gentleness and kindness. That's what I like about Chef Ramsay. I always watch all his shows, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and now Masterchef. I keep thinking I should enter Masterchef. I'm an amateur chef! Everyone raves about my cooking too. Especially my boyfriend (one of the ways I won his heart). No one can cook like a fat woman! I certainly live up to that fact. Some people have said that my cooking is not up to par, but then they have mostly been people who were not fond of American cuisine.

Katrina and I talked for quite a bit tonight. Mostly about her vacation over the weekend. I told her next weekend she should come here with the kids. Now that Anna is out of the house, I get rather bored easily. So bored, I spend literally hours trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my day (after I have my walk). I am working still on another chapter of my animal book. Amazingly, I found a program I am particularly fond of! I absolutely LOVE MS Publisher 2010!!!!!! It is AWESOME!!!! It has features I never thought Publisher would get! I can even add page numbers and begin on any other number besides 1! It helps a lot on those large books that have more than 100 pages and I have to break up the chapters. I recommend the upgrade! Publisher 2007 sucks by comparison!

I also want to give Jon Farriss a shout-out today! Happy Birthday Jon!!! I met the guy several times and he was always so kind and caring. I also want to congratulate him on his upcoming baby! I'm thinking (actually hoping) he's going to have a boy. I predicted he'd have a girl last time and he did. I'm thinking this one is going to be a boy.

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