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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obama Losing Popularity And Credibility

I'm not surprised. Back in 2008, before he even took office, I predicted that he was going to be the worst president that we ever had! I knew it! But I was slammed by an Obama supporter on this blog, and I will always remember what she said. In fact, I still have it on this blog I believe. And I told everyone I could see the warning signs!! They acted like they didn't believe me. Not only did I have that premonition, but several others had it too, including my ma, who like me is an excellent judge of character. I get it from her ya know! :)

Well, when he was elected into office, which I also predicted would happen, I sat back and said "OK, let's see if this guy really can fix the economy like he said he's going to." It was more than just that, I wanted to see if he was really as spectacular as all these liberals were saying he was, and that included the INXSaries that came on here and slammed me because I didn't like Obama. I gave Obama one chance after another and after another. I even did searches every time I heard a rumor about him (or what I believed was a rumor), to see if what was being said was true. I found that the only people who denied that Obama has done any wrong so far are all his supporters. That is, people who have read his autobiography, and supported him even before he was in office, and refused to see the red flags that were up even then. Those are the people who are blind, the ones who are going to ruin this country! If I am still being slammed because I don't like Obama, well then that is just too bad for them. I don't care.

One of my used-to-be readers, Freckle Face, even said that she knew that the people of this country were going to wish in a couple of years that they hadn't voted Obama into office, and will be screaming to get him out. It looks like she was right too. Just as she stated, in a couple of year's time. But nobody listened to those of us who did not like Obama. I knew his spending money like crazy was going to lead to something horrible. He could not have kept that up for long and expect the economy to really bounce back. And what about putting the money into where it is really needed? Like I heard people on Social Security are not going to be getting any more raises for 2 years. Obama should be putting money into that, instead of paying for his billion-dollar vacations around the country!! Like I said many times before, he is using this country's money like it's his own private piggy bank! He's not thinking anywhere near about the long-term effects his constant spending is doing to this country. Before we know it, we're going to become like one of those third-world countries. It won't be pretty. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end of the world!

Well, I tried to warn everyone, but I am just one person. And I work alone. For me to try and convince everyone to look out for the warning signs well, it's tough! Especially when their minds are already made up that they are going to support Obama no matter what. I've seen just in one day, about 3 different articles implying Obama's impending demise. People don't like him like they used to. And that's what happens when you put an inexperienced person in the presidential office! But everyone wanted him, so all I can say is "you've made your bed, now you can toss in it!" Some people only wanted Obama in office because he is black. To those people I say "OMFG!!! If you want a person as president because they are black, get a more reputable person!!" MC Hammer would have made a better black president!! IF that's all that the public wanted!!

Well, anyway, here's one of the articles I found today. Don't just read the article, I say look at what the rest of the public says! It has over 80,000 comments now, and it was just posted today. Incidentally, the person who slammed me because I didn't like Obama, is the same one who said that INXS will never take JD back, which I also said from day one, was wrong! INXS and JD are still together now! :)


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