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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Urine, The New Energy Source

It's true! Scientists are now working on a way to put urine to good use. They are considering it as a new source of energy. If this happens, then it will be the cleanest fuel we have ever come up with. In terms of for the environment. It's kinda cool. It is flammable and it can be acquired easily, and inexpensively. It may even start a surge in urine banks across the country, like plasma banks. And they may pay people to take a leak. How much exactly I don't know. I saw this in an article on Discovery News, it was titled "pee power". I hate the term "pee"!!! I never use it!! I say either "urinate" or "wizz". I don't know where the term "pee" even derived from!! Must have been made up from city slang! The only time I use that word is when I am talking about peas. I never use the word "poop" either! I can never see myself using that word! I think it sounds dumb! I say either "poo" or "dump". Or when I am referring to the stuff it's self, I say "droppings" or "feces". I don't know where either of those terms other people typically use derived from! But I think they sound stupid. So I never use them. But that was an interesting article!

The funny thing about that article, on the SE forum a couple of years ago, someone mentioned something about us running out of fossil fuels and how we won't be getting anymore energy that way. I said what we should do is utilize buffalo urine for fuel if we do run out of fossil fuels. Because I thought it would make a great substitute for fossil fuel-based energy. I thought of that after I found out that buffalo urine is flammable. Because basically that is all we need in order to jump start our energy-driven motors. We need a substance that is combustible. Urine would be perfect. Anyway, the people on the SE forum mocked and made fun of me for making that statement. Bet they're thinking different now! IF they have seen that article. Imagine the possibilities. It could start off as a fuel for running our electricity, maybe later our cars, airplanes, rockets. The possibilities are endless! People laugh now, but who knows what could happen? Read the article for yourself here: http://news.discovery.com/tech/pee-power-to-the-people.html.

I always get laughed at for my ideas, but then so did Van Gogh! Yes, I am using the "Van Gogh argument" again! LOL! I have a scientific mind though. I always take a minor thing, and I think about "What if you could take this and do this with it?" Like the thing about buffalo urine being flammable. To someone else, that was just a little piece of interesting information. But to me, I looked at it in my usual complex fashion. I thought about using it to burn lamps. Then I went further. Instead of just burning lamps with it, why not use it in our power plants for clean energy? Then on and on and on. That's the way I think! Crazy? Perhaps. We say that now, but look at the bigger picture, 80 years from now, will we still be saying that idea is crazy? I don't think so. 200 years ago, people said the same thing about flying. 100 years ago, going into outer space was nothing more than a dream. I look at viper venom, several species have blood-thinning agents. To someone else, they may see the production of antivenin, or basically look at it as something that kills. But to me, I see many possibilities. It can be used to help heart attack or stroke victims because of it's compounds that thin out the red stuff.

No, I am not a medium, I'm not clairvoyant nor nothing like that! I'm just a good thinker. A damn-good thinker! And a great listener. Let's be honest here, not modest. My mind is always working. Sometimes it goes so fast, it gets steered out of kilter. But that doesn't mean it gets totally derailed! At least not for long. LOL!

What I am worried about, I haven't made a video in 2 weeks!! UGH!! I think it's finally happened, I ran out of ideas! Either that or I've been so busy working on this book about horses that I just haven't had any time to think about what to make another movie about! My last movie was another little animated clip I did for Metazoica. It's Leptonosoma's screen test. Leptonosoma is a small, slenderly built lemur of the Metazoic. It's closest modern relatives are bushbabies. It came out not too bad! It could have been a little bit better, but for starters for a longer movie, it didn't turn out too bad! I saw other animation projects from other people on YouTube and I have become quite fascinated with them. Most of them do a lot better than me! But mine aren't too bad considering I've never had a lesson in animation in my life! I've just seen other cartoons, and also have seen movies in slow-motion before, and I use those as my guides when creating the motion for my little flicks. Anyway, here is Leptonosoma. If you want to learn more about this animal, I have this family up on Metazoica now. It is almost complete. I've recently added a few more new species.

Edit to add:
This version is better! These animals are supposed to leap so fast they appear to fly through the trees, much like modern bushbabies. So in this updated version, the leaping scene is much faster.


Parag said...

Urine for long has considered as a good source of energy and its not surprising to see scientists using Pee is the New Source of Energy.

TimGal said...

I know that now, but 2 years or so ago, I brought it up in a forum and the other inhabitants laughed at me. But still, I knew it was a good idea. I never even saw articles like this back then, or I would have surely posted them.