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Monday, August 9, 2010

So, Have You Read It?

Today, I noticed Hobofart visited the UMG Productions site. He down-rated the story written by me and Cairo about INXS going to Mount St. Helens. This is the second time he's done it, and he hasn't even purchased the story (Trisha, my supervisor, keeps track of all purchases from the site). I know it was Hobofart, or definitely one of his cronies. Well, when I noticed he had been in there, I actually posted a question to him asking him if he had actually read the story, or if he was just down-rating the story because I wrote it. I wrote the comment, but when Trisha saw it, she said she had to remove it because it really has nothing to do with the story. I told her about Hobofart and his cronies. Trisha really does not want anyone to rate any story unless they have read the story. She told me to let her know if it happens again, and she will make rating only available to members of the site. Or remove ratings altogether. She does not like stalkers any more than I do. In fact, it is against the site rules to stalk any member of UMG Productions. I told her about Hobofart being a pedophile and how he never follows the rules, not even on YouTube. She was disgusted by him just being a pedophile. LOL! I even sent her the e-mail message that I got from "Strope" yesterday, with the comment he left on this blog. That gives her an indication of the character of these "people" (and I use that term loosely). I even sent Trisha the link for Katrina's video, as well as other videos made by Hobofart and his crew. She took the words out of my mouth when she said they are evil. But still, as contemptible as they are, Trisha said I cannot respond to posts left on the UMG Productions site. She wants people to feel good about leaving their comments on the site, and she says it is a learning experience for all of us.

So, I will ask Hobofart here. Did you actually READ the story you didn't like? I mean, I don't mind that he didn't like the story, as long as he actually read it and knows for sure he doesn't like it. I put up my latest video about stalkers vs. trolls. In the video, I urged Katrina to block Hobofart and all of his toads, and to do it NOW!! Strope keeps subscribing to her and I cannot understand why. I think it's for far more than meets the eye! I don't think he's interested in seeing what other videos she comes out with. Katrina told me she has really no plans to make any more videos. As much fun as she had making that one, she adds, "It's just not my thing." I personally have fun making videos. Well, at least I know Hobofart saw this video. I can always tell when he sees the videos :) Simply by instinct. I wanted him to see this video. Well, he cannot comment anymore on any of my videos because I blocked his butt from my channel. Serves him right!! He can rate my videos all he wants, he just cannot comment. He should have listened when I told him to get lost! LOL! Like I said in my video, he just cannot handle rejection. Sad little toad he is. Well, I don't know what Katrina is going to really do with her account at YouTube. She hasn't been on there in a couple of days. Of course it was because she was on a little vacation over the weekend with her husband and kids. I cannot deprive her of that. Gotta let those kids have fun! Katrina's oldest starts school here soon. Then he's tied down for the next 12 years until he graduates!!! Barring any complications. LOL! Katrina did speak of just tearing down her YouTube account. I don't want her to do it because of the damn trolls though. She said it would not be that at all. She just would do it because she's not into making videos. I want to make that clear now! I say thank GOD!! I hate going to her channel and looking at that ugly guy in the mask!!! LOL! Looks very evil!!


katrina said...

i doubt hobo-fart (haha) can even read at all. anyway i deleted my youtube account. but i left some comments on your videos. i will be home again at 3 today. give me a call about 4.

TimGal said...

OK will do Katrina!