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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Downed Worker Killing Spree!

I was looking through my e-mails and I noticed that there was another article about someone who worked at a beer distributing factory in Conneticut, and was fired from his job there then went on a shooting rampage! UGH! One has to wonder what this world is coming to. Why would someone do that? You know why? Because people are dumb, that's why! People cannot accept rejection. I was watching I Survived... the other day and one of the stories presented was the story of the Columbine High School shooting back in 1999. The story told was so sad! But one I know can happen all too often. Kids today just are not being taught right from wrong. Now, I was not one of those so-called "popular" kids in school. There was even a clique of teachers that did not like me in middle school, because of the actions of my sis before me. But it was only a clique of 4 or 5 teachers, and one of them seemed to be on the fence about me. But for the most part, I was loved by the rest of my teachers. :) But then they were ones that didn't know my sis. LOL! She didn't do anything particularly bad, she was just a little unruly in middle school. She wanted to do her own thing, and I think this little clique of teachers were expecting the same thing from me before they even knew me. I can tell you that because of them, and the people who used to make fun of me because I was smaller than the average teenager and had my own ideas of what makes a teenager, I sometimes felt like shooting the school up. But that was back then! And I knew better not to do it! Sometimes though, I would lie awake at night thinking of ways to do it, but I knew I would never do it. Because I had this little voice inside of me that said how wrong that is, and told me how bad I would feel knowing that that undetermined number of people were dead because of me. So, I knew not to do it. LOL! OK, so I got that story from an episode of Gomer Pyle, but still, I know what it feels like to be harassed, and made to feel unliked in school. Like I said, I've gotten harder in my old age, I no longer have thoughts like that. I treat everyone like equals, and if they like me, OK. If they don't then OK too!

I remember when I worked at the Puyallup Fair and Tracy terminated my employment there, I swear they look at you as if to expect you to stick a knife in their back!! LOL! But she would not have got that kind of trouble from me, because I did not care at all that she terminated me, that was what I wanted. I hated that job! I never wanted it in the first place. Why that section of the fair called me to begin with I will never figure out! I could live to be 100 years old and try to entertain every conceivable acumen as to why I was called in to that job, and I will still never come up with a reasonable explaination. I applied for a job with someone who was going to sell tropical fish there. But unfortunately I never got that job. When I applied for it, I was told to call someone in Canada, and I did, and got an answering machine and they never called back. And my pa was hounding me to get a job at that fair!! I don't even know how Tracy got my name and number because I did not even come close to applying for a job at her section! I applied everywhere except rides and concessions. Everyone warned me about the supervisors in that section, even someone who worked for the hiring hall warned me about them! That's how bad that job was! That's why I never applied. I wasn't that fricken desperate for a job!!! The only reason I took it when they told me I was hired was because if I hadn't, my pa would have razzed me something fierce!!! You would have had to know what my pa was like back then to understand.

I thought though it was kinda funny how Tracy was expecting trouble from me. I'd have bet if I went behind her and said "BOO!" she would have jumped a mile in the air! LOL! That's how tense she looked. Tracy was a 30-year old woman back then, and she argued with me like we were both in high school. I had just finished my run in high school back then, I didn't need to go back! Until I met her though, I never knew a 30-year old could be so immature. She was the first one I ever met like that. I've met many more since then, but I guess she is what happens when a person never gets laid and doesn't have children. Both Eva and Katrina have kids, and they told me it makes you grow up quickly!! Katrina is 24 years old, and even she is more mature than Tracy was when I knew her (she was 30 back then, she would be in her mid 40s by now). I'd bet she is still acting like a high school girl!!

Katrina's a funny character. She called me last night about her little run on YouTube, and we had quite a chat! LOL! She is mature until she gets on the internet, then she turns on the "Sadist Katrina". You know I think people think she is someone else. There is another person who calls herself TwiztedAsh that everyone seems to have a problem with now. I think people think she is her! I dunno. Her boyfriend sounds a little like Katrina's husband, he's into boxing and Katrina's hubby is into martial arts. Katrina's hubby is oriental, I don't know what nationality TwiztedAsh's boyfriend is! TwiztedAsh lives in Vermont (according to one of her videos) and Katrina has always lived here in WA state since she was 5 years old (before then, she and her pa lived in BC, but she was born in Sydney). There are some similarities there, but so few! TwiztedAsh is like me, and Katrina could get lost in my fat rolls!! Sorry Twizted, but it's true. Though Katrina would make a much better juggalo than me (or juggalette). From what I read about them. I told Katrina a little about juggalos, I couldn't say much as I am still not 100% sure what one is!!

Well, Hobofart and his friend was trying so hard to get the better of Katrina, and it looks like they couldn't. Hobofart doesn't seem to know it (probably because of a complete lack of intelligence), but every time he talks to Katrina, he's digging his own grave ever deeper!! Hobofart's most favorite argument is to tell everyone "you fail! I win!" And every time he says that, it digs his grave ever deeper. Katrina started telling him that his words tell her that she's actually the winner here. She told me on the phone that she feels so 'gorked' using his "win-fail" argument against him like that (to replace the word she really used with a better choice of words). LOL!! I told her that's because when you're good and you know it, you don't have to say it! Hobofart is too immature to know that! But Katrina loves it when he says "You fail" to her. In any way, shape or form! She said it just empowers her more. And I believe her. I feel the same way when he goes around YouTube trying to get me to respond to him, and I just delete his posts, unread! I made my point with him, and I know it. I don't feel the need to troll him back. But then to Hobofart, trolling is a thing he does to boost his ego, because he is lonely in life (probably still lives with his parents), and has never gotten laid, and probably never will, because from what I see, he thinks sex is disgusting. It's kindof a shame anyone thinks that because when it is done with the right person, it is FUN!!

The next paragraph is rated PG-13. Parental guidance is suggested, especially if this is Hobofart reading, and I know you are! ;)

There are some things I love about having sex and there are some things I don't love about it. Like I don't like having a guy stick his penis in my vaginal opening (the reason I never had kids!) But the rest of it is fun. But the last time I ever did it was when I was married. Haven't done it since. Then there was a long period I didn't have a boyfriend after my surgery. I just started up seeing men again after I moved here. I had one temporary guy friend, I still think I have him too, he is among my Facebook friends. I've been nervous about contacting him again, since I met this other guy. The one I have now. But I haven't yet got close enough to him to do 'it' with him. I've only known him for about a year now. It's not that I don't trust him or anything, it's just that I have to really REALLY get to know someone before I lie down with them. I've had fatal relationships before and they've kinda hardened my being. But I am keeping the last one in mind in case this relationship doesn't work out. And that's all I will say on this subject. :)

LOL! I can always tell when hobofart has been in here, even though now he's erased his IP. I can still always tell he's been here. Which is cool! He always gives every post the thumbs down. :) I seriously doubt he even reads any of the posts he down-rates! But that's OK! I'm doing my job! He can down-rate my posts all he wants to! It won't change anything. So far, he's been the only one that has even used the rating system on here. So, come on people! Tell me what you think!

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