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Monday, August 30, 2010


Would you eat a cat? Or a dog? Hey! The Koreans do it all the time! Cats and dogs are as much a delicasy there as chicken and pig meat is here. But did you know that there is actually a site that sells puppy and kitten meat?? YUK!! To me, that's horrifying! I heard about this site today and so I decided to check it out. I was definitely horrified by what I saw. It's a site called kittybeef.com. They also have a sister site called puppybeef.com. It's actually easier for me to look at cat meat, even though I think it's disgusting, than it is for me to look at dog meat. So I haven't even looked at puppybeef.com! I think of dogs as my friends. I have 3 of them. They act like my friends, they sit on my lap and give me kisses! I don't have a cat, and don't really want a cat, so I don't see them as much as friends as I do with dogs. Though I have to tell you, cats love me for some unknown reason! Seems they can sense if you don't like them, and they always come to you and make you like them! LOL! I think that's kinda cute actually. But I still don't want a cat! They stink!! I can't imagine cat beef tastes any better than the animal it's self smells!

The creepiest thing about this site, on investigation, I noticed PETA wrote about this site as well. I was dying to hear what they had to say about it! Just as I suspected, the site has been reported to them. And when asked what they are going to do about the site, they said they aren't going to do much of anything. Know why? To them, it's sweet justice for all the pigs, cows and chickens that we normally eat. They ask how is killing a dog or cat any different from killing a pig, cow or chicken? Well, let's us lay it all out. And this is speaking as a dog owner and lover. My dogs love me and they show it. They lay on my lap, or by my side, or in my bed, they lick my face, which is their way of showing love. When an intruder comes to the door, the dogs are the early warning system. It's obvious dogs love me and I love them. But how many cows, pigs or chickens have you seen actually show their "masters" any love? Outside of TV commercials, or the obviously lanky individual keeping a chicken in their home. Or the few people who have kept pot-bellied pigs before they became illegal to own in the city limits. And altogether in some states. Here in Ocean Shores, you can't keep a pot-bellied pig.

Now, if I grew up in China or Korea I may have thought differently about eating dogs and cats, but since I grew up here, this menu rather horrifies me!! Especially as someone who now has 3 dogs licking me all over my arms and legs!! LOL! And also the fact that I lost my Groucho. That was a huge turning point in my life. I don't even like jokes about killing dogs now. Whereas they wouldn't have bothered me before (as long as they were only in fun, and not meaning any harm). I'm sure the people who have cats would feel the same way seeing ground up cat meat.

How often have you seen a cow, pig, or chicken give it's life voluntarily for it's master? I don't think I ever have! I've never even seen a cat do that! So really, what use is a cow or a pig or a chicken? Except to be eaten? And hey let's face it, they taste GOOD!!!!!! I love chicken, broiled, baked or fried. Though I really try to stay away from fried foods! I don't eat much pork, because most of the time when I do, it's too tough! Though I do love pork ribs, country-style. Beef, I usually only like in the form of a roast. But because of the hormones and shit that is now being pumped into cows to bulk them up, it's best to stay away from beef!! I prefer bison meat now. One of the reasons I cannot wait to move to Montana is because there, bison meat is more readily available. There are no hormones in bison meat! It's usually all-natural. Bison are naturally bulky. But that's mostly why we have so many fat people now is because of all the shit that is being put in our food now, it's the reason meat has a reputation now of making people fat. They've got to be using it more now! When I was younger, you hardly ever saw a fat person! And really we ate no differently then than we do today. I think now, the FDA has just upped the amount of bulking hormones that is allowed to be put into cows these days. So really bison is the only way to go! I've even seen elk meat available!!! I'd love to try that! But eating a cat or a dog, that's disgusting to say the least!!

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