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Friday, September 3, 2010

Facebook "Friends"?

Have you ever lost friends on Facebook and wondered who they were? Back when I only had a few friends, I could tell instantly. It was easy. But last week I think it was (or the week before), my friend count went down a couple of notches. I had no idea who was missing. Then I thought this morning there was one person who I haven't seen anything from in quite a while. She was one of those people who updates her status every hour, on the hour. I can't really remember when I stopped seeing her posts on my home page, but I know it's been a while. I think I stopped seeing her posts last week when this battle took place between two of my buddies. I decided to stay out of it, because I like both parties. I always feel bad though when I see two of my buddies battling with each other, but it's none of my business! So I stay out! But I did notice a lot of friends of the "injured" person also deleted the other person from their friends list too. I didn't though. That's how I am! I like to give everyone a chance! As long as it takes. But anyway, that was when I noticed a couple of my buddies went missing. And I could not figure out who they were. Until I noticed today I haven't heard from one of them in a while.

Well, I'd like to say I am going to miss that person, but I'm not! I'd be lying if I said that! I'm not saying she is a bad person, because I don't believe she is! She just changed her mind is all. She doesn't want to even attempt to be friends with me. But that's OK! I'm perfectly fine with that. It's not like she and I were ever good buddies on Facebook to begin with. She asked to become my buddy on Facebook back in March I believe. I'd spoken to her several times by way of her status, but I noticed she never answered back. She would answer everyone else though. I began to question why this person even asked to become friends with me. I remember once she put in her status "How did we become friends on Facebook?" She wanted to get responses from her other friends about how they became Facebook buddies. My response to that was, "You asked me and I accepted." She actually thanked me for accepting. But that's how I am! I accept even people I know I am not going to like, simply because I want to give them a chance to prove me wrong. I think of every newcomer as an enemy until they prove otherwise. That's sad, but that's how I am! It's much better than being burned  by someone you thought liked you. I never thought of this girl as a 'friend', per se. But I gave her a chance. Obviously, I was nothing more than a number in her friends list to her, and I don't like having buddies like that! I like people who see me as a person, not as a number to show off to others how many Facebook "friends" they have. I only have 143 friends on Facebook now. And if I never get any more, that's fine with me. Or if I lose some, that is also fine with me. At least I know the last ones left are the pure and honest people who did not add me just to show off to other people that they have a lot of Facebook friends.

I do that a lot with new people on my list, I try to communicate, just to show them that yes I do want to be buddies. That they are not there just to adorn my friends list with higher numbers. I would rather have only 10 friends on my Facebook list that are good, true buddies than to have 143 who are just looking for numbers. Who the heck needs that?? And if she dumped me because I didn't delete this one person from my friends, well that's tough! Sorry. That person hasn't done anything bad to me yet. I don't even know what she did to this other friend, but like I said, I don't think it's any of my business. I like both parties so it's best I stay out of it. That's my choice. I'm still friends with both parties, and I hope to always be. One of them has been shunned before and I still stood by her. She and I are a lot alike, and I think that's what I like so much about her. I would have liked this other girl too, who deleted herself from my buddies. But she chose to walk out. Which, like I said, is OK by me!! :) It's not like I will miss her or anything!

Anyone who is on my good side gets a real bargain! They have a friend for life, who will do anything humanly possible for them, and not ask for anything in return. That's what my friends say about me all the time. LOL! All I ever ask of my friends is understanding. I speak my mind, in no uncertain terms. I have my own opinions, and I am unyeilding. Only if I am proven wrong, and given a good reason do I change my point of view. But it'd have to be a DAMN good reason!!! Like that one time this one lady tried to convince me lions are good animals, and I just don't like lions at all! Before she informed me the whole thing was a joke! hehe! Telling me lions are the "king of beasts" is just going to make me laugh at them. Not love them. Because that's only a person's opinion, usually a very biased person. I have my own views of what the king of beasts is, and it is a much more likely candidate than a lion is. But anyway, usually I am conditioned, through time and people, to stick to my guns. I said I was going to stick to my guns from now on, and that is exactly what I do! I would much rather lose someone, who is not as good a friend, because of who I really am than to give into people who are not worth it anyway, keep them as a friend, only to have them stomp on me later on. Better they leave me now than never. :) At least I try to always be polite, kind and friendly to people. I don't just start off being an asshole with others. Some people appreciate kindness, others don't. Some take advantage of it and stomp on you later. Gotta watch out for those types!!

Well, speaking of which, I will be deleting my MySpace this weekend. I don't like MySpace anymore! And I do the majority of my blogging right here. So, I won't be having the MySpace anymore. I tried to write to some of my friends on MySpace and have them join me in Facebook. The reason I am deleting MySpace, and never going back, is because I tried to get into my profile, and I noticed a lot of trojans and viruses are attached to it, and whenever I try to access my profile editing page, I get a notice that my computer is blocking these things. So I am just getting rid of MySpace altogether. It's happened twice that I got those notices, and I don't go into MySpace enough now to make it worthwhile to create a new page. So I just said the Hell with it! I'll just delete my MySpace page and that'll be it. Just keep my Facebook page. I tried to inform all the people who have left me good comments in the past about my Facebook page. I do hope all of them get the message! Not sure though. A few have that I know of and have joined me there. One of them told me she does not have a Facebook. Which is a shame because I like her! I will definitely miss her! She and I go all the way back to when I kept a blog on what is now Windows Live. That was back in 2005, when Rockstar INXS was still on the air. Check out the collection from that blog in my book "How A Dog Girl Turned Rocker" Yes, it's expensive, but thank the delusional mods for that!! LOL! It shows how I went from breeding chihuahuas to thinking solely about INXS during the time they were on the lookout for a new lead singer. Some friends, I could not reach at all. So that is one reason I am writing this here, in hopes they will see this and join me on Facebook. Some may not get the message in time because once I delete my space, any thing associated with me will be deleted on their spaces too. Including my last email messages to them! But I do hope they get the message!!

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