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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lily Not To Attend Patricia's Funeral

I can say I am not at all surprised! I read this morning that T. Lily will not be allowed to attend Patricia Glassop's funeral. And she was Lily's grandma. I feel bad, but knowing Geldof like I have come to over the past years, I am not at all surprised! I had a feeling he would not let her attend the funeral. After all, the big goon would not let her see her father, and that made Michael so upset that he went and did the ultimate stupidest thing he ever could have done. Even though I still believe it was done by accident. Had Michael been in his right mind, I'm sure he would never have pulled such a stunt. I didn't know Michael as an individual, but he did not seem like the kind of person who would do something like that delibrately.

Geldof seems to be sympathetic about the loss to Rhett, Michael's brother. But will not let Lily attend her grandma's funeral because of the press. Which I think is stupid as a shitpile! As usual, Geldof is unloading a lot of bull on Rhett! He let Lily attend his father's funeral this past month, but will not let Lily attend her grandma's funeral this week! Stupid! There would no doubt be just as much media at Geldof's father's funeral as there would be at Patricia's funeral. Is the message getting through yet? I HATE Bob Geldof! I think he sucks. And I don't buy his story! I think there is much more to his story than meets the eye. I will forever believe he is trying to keep Lily from getting to know her real family. I said last week it would be a miracle if Geldof would let Lily attend Patricia's funeral. I said that to my little sis, BTW. She is a partial INXS fan, more of a Green Day fan. Anyway, I think Geldof's reason for not letting Lily attend her grandma's funeral is very petty, and obviously a cover-up of a deeper, darker reason. Someone made a comment on here that Geldof is doing good for Lily and called her grandma a money-grubbing old bitch. I told that person he is being disrespectful. If others think Geldof is doing good by Lily, that's their deal. But I sense more. I won't say I'm never wrong, but I can definitely smell a rat where Geldof is standing. Rhett can believe him all he wants to, but I don't. People in mourning will believe anything. I know.

Now that I have had some time to cool off, I want to focus on some less stressful news. I am allowing a video collection of my vlogs to be released on the UMG Productions website. It's the first in a string of DVDs that will be released by UMG Productions. This one is a collection of my video blogs I made about INXS. I included all of them. It's my first ever DVD to be released. If you enjoyed the videos, you can now see them any time you want on your TV. I'd recommend it because looking back on them now, even I LOL really hard. More details and a buyer link can be found here: http://www.umgproductions.com/2010/09/timmyfans-pillow-talk-inxs-dvd-video.html

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