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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I get so annoyed by pet fees on apartments. A one-time fee I can tolerate, but when the company that owns the property starts charging people a monthly fee for keeping a pet, that's ridiculous!! Especially when the pets are tiny, harmless and legal in all states. I mean, it's not like I have rottweilers or something to that effect. Not that I condone banning some breeds. But all I have are chihuahuas and a papillon. How much damage could they possibly do?

Last night, Anna found a rental home in Missoula. It is perfect!! It's roomy, priced just right, great location, and we would be allowed to have all our pets. Plus it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Just what I need! There is one problem though. They would charge us $75 extra a month just to keep our pets. That's per MONTH!! I cannot afford that, and I refuse to pay it! I told Anna to forget about that. I have monthly pet food and veterinary bills to pay each month, I'm not going to pay a rental agency an extra $75 a month just to keep my dogs in the family. Not unless they are going to pay for my dogs' food and vet care! And to think there are people out there with children, who do much more damage to the property than my dogs would ever do, and they get to keep their kids with no security deposit at all! I've seen it happen. Kids mess up everything! I once saw a gang of 10-year olds go to the complex dumping site at an apartment building, grab the garbage and carelessly spread it all around the playground. My dogs don't even bark that much and I still get fined. While the parents of those rotten kids get off scott-free!

What a shame, if it wasn't for the extra $75 I'd have to pay per month, I would take that house in a heartbeat!! I loved it, but I have to say no. It's OK. I know there will be others. I just don't want to go through that agency. I'll find another one. One that is more fair. We're not even ready to move yet. It's going to be a while. Certainly not this year!


mikessa said...

Well, we have a year to find a place. And I dont care if we have to travel throughout the whole damn state, I will find something. Just have to keep looking and keep our eyes peeled. But i would prefer to be close to a major town.

TimGal said...

I would too. Simply because I am a little tired of going 80 miles whenever we need to do some major shopping.

katrina said...

I have a better idea. how about you all come and live in chehalis with me. we can be neighbors.

TimGal said...

Sorry Katrina. But with Anna going to school in Montana, and the job market being better there, it's not possible to move to Chehalis. But thanks for the offer though :)