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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Minnie the Timmy Fan

No one will ever believe this. I know I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't viewed it with my own eyes. Yesterday morning I was just chillin' with all 3 of our dogs on my bed. My sis Anna was upstairs burning some CDs on my ma's computer, so I was babysitting with Odessa. So I had all 3 dogs on my bed. Well, Minnie started off about to have a little snooze, and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, she got to her feet. About 2 feet up from my bed I have a bunch of pictures of INXS, the lowest pic is one where Michael and Timmy are most prominent in the picture. That seemed to be the one Minnie was looking at. When I saw her put her paws up on the wall to seemingly get a better view of that picture, I said to her "Are you an INXS fan too?" Minnie immediately looked at me and waggled her tail. So I asked Minnie if she is a Timmy fan like mommy, or if she is a Michael fan. When I mentioned Tim, she mouthed my nose, and I guess I had my answer! She is a Timmy fan, just like me! hehehe!! Like mommy, like baby. Now I feel ever closer to my Minnie-Muu because of this. Well heck! I always loved all the dogs, but this makes Minnie seem even more human to me. LOL!! I never met another dog that is an INXS fan like this. I cannot explain any other reason why Minnie just rose to her feet like she did, and went to the wall and looked at my pic of INXS. This theory seems to be the most tempting to believe.

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