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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Racism In Montana

Well, this seems to have been a really hot debate on Facebook's Montana page. I read Anna's blog, and noticed she had some trouble with some people on that page, and it has caused her not to want to go back. The fact was one guy, named Jay T, said Great Falls sucks. Anna agreed with him and added that it sucks because there are a lot of racist groups there. Well, she realized almost immediately that was a generalized statement and felt it was unfair (she figured that out herself), and tried to erase the comment. But before she could erase it, someone else caught onto the comment and began a tirade with Anna that would last for 2 days, and 3 more people would gang up against her. Keep in mind, her comments had already been deleted before she knew any one of them had even read it!!

I went into that page, and I noticed Jay T. had basically told Anna she had no right to an opinion without anything to back it up. I don't know what Anna had written because she already had deleted her comments at that time. But I was sitting here thinking "Jeez, let it go ya JERK!!!! The comments were deleted, that should be the END of it!!!" He would have to be pretty darned disturbed to bring up a comment on a thread that had been deleted like that! Especially if he knew Anna like I do! Anna is the most unoffensive person I know! She's exactly the opposite of me. Anna goes into a forum or a page, she just wants to make friends. And she is a warm and caring person. Unfortunately she is also too trusting with people. I go into a forum and I don't give a shit what others think of me!! I just be myself. Especially lately, after it was brought to my attention that show breeders were talking about me in PMs, and what they were saying in PMs was VERY different than what they were saying to my face!! So I don't trust anyone anymore! And I let it be known too! I didn't say anything at the time I saw the blog and the posts, because one, I was too tired. Two, because I thought it would wear out on it's own. I've had people send me nasty comments on YouTube, sometimes they get deleted before I can respond, and so I just let them go. I generally figure the person posting the comments just realized what they were saying was wrong. Or they got the message that it just doesn't bother me, so they delete it.

Well, I read further in Anna's blog and apparently, Jay T. said she deleted the comment because she was "running away like a little girl". What an asshole!!! But who knows? Maybe he loves being an asshole. Some people do. I love being an asshole to people who are assholes!! hehehe! Well, last night I got a little less tired and cranky, so I finally just told Jay T. to just "let it the fuck go!!" There was also a third reason why I didn't respond right away. There may have also been something in what those douche bags were saying. I just didn't like the way they delivered it. One dude named Allen, seems to think he actually owns the state of Montana, and told Anna to stay out. What right has anyone got to tell someone to stay out of a state? No right I believe!! But in a way, something that they said really disturbed me, and it wasn't the shit they were saying about Anna. It was how Billings is full of meth-heads, druggies, racists, and criminals! I moved here, to Ocean Shores, to get away from that BS!!! I moved here from Olympia, and it was partly because we had a sex offender move in only a block from us! None of that here. So if we move to Billings, we will essentially be moving from the frying pan, into the cooler, then into the fryer!!! I'm happy here! (Uh-oh, here we go again with the great moving debate). I just wish Anna would find a school that will teach her all she needs to know here in this state!!! But she refuses to go to Seattle again because of the high-crime rate. If only we had a university here in Ocean Shores, or at least in Aberdeen!! I can deal with that. I'd even move back to Olympia so Anna could attend a university there! But she won't do it! She has to go to Montana, and she has to start next year! I should NEVER have let her go to Yellowstone!! I know how "attached" Anna gets to states!!

Well, anyway, all that talk about racism had me looking on the internet last night for racist groups in Montana. I just wanted to see if they were really there. I was lead to a couple of forums. Basically they said that if you are looking for trouble, you're gonna find it. I know most of Montana state is made up of whites. But this is a heated subject for all Montana residents, not just the ones on that Facebook group. You start talking about crime in Montana, people act like you're shit-talking their kids or family!! One thread on a forum I was lead to got so heated the moderators had to close the thread! But it still yielded some good info. I didn't care about the heated debates, I was just looking for info. That's all I cared about! But where racist groups are concerned, I have to be careful. You know people stereotype Mexicans, saying that they're stupid? But I heard there is more of that in places like Mississippi and Tennessee than there is in Montana. One person talked about a book that I want to show off here. It's a book called "Stupid Black Men: How to Play The Race Card--and Lose" by Larry Elder. He's a black person himself, but apparently does not believe in being victimized by his race. His point of view is that he doesn't like it when black people play the race card (he would have been ashamed of Ty Taylor on Rockstar: INXS). I used to love Ty until he did that! He was a great singer and a great performer, and then when he got eliminated he played the race card and I lost all respect for him. I like Elder's point of view. It is true so many people play the martyr so often when it comes to stereotypes and generalization. I'm going to check out this book! Apparently the book has had the name changed to "What's race got to do with it? : why it's time to stop the stupidest argument in America".

In reading the description about his book, I remembered an old incident that happened back when the AcmePet forums were still in business. I told people about a dog that needed rescuing, and I described the person who owned the dog. One of the things I said about the person was she was of oriental descent. To me, it was just a minor, descriptive passage about the person perpetrating the crime. But the other people there latched onto that one little figurative part of my whole story like leeches, and built up a huge argument just because I described the person as having oriental descent. They thought I was saying that all orientals are incapable of taking care of their pets!! And I never even came close to implying something like that. I was just giving a few indicative adjectives about what the person looks like, in case someone may have seen the person. They do it all the time on America's Most Wanted. Yes, they even describe a little about the criminal's race!! But then again, these were show breeders I was talking to!! They basically are nothing but leeches!!! They never think about the fact that I've heard show breeders say things MUCH worse than what I said!!! And they don't do it to be descriptive either. They do it because they are just mean-spirited troglodytes who think they can get away with it, and generally do, because no one else but me will stand up to them! My brother in law (Katrina's hubby) is Chinese, and I know he takes really good care of their animals and their kids! I think the people from the AcmePet forums should read this book and just shut up!!! Fortunately that forum is not around anymore.


OK, now that I have cooled off. That is a good book, and people should read it before they start crying "racist!" to others. Because there are differences between being racist and being descriptive. Check out Larry Elder, he's awesome! And I think, kinda cute!! I'm off to read his book! :)

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mikessa said...

I had already told you over and over again, I did not want you to go to Montana with me in the first place. I wanted you to stay here while I stayed there. I was really hoping that Ma would move in here and she would be your roommate while I lived in Bozeman and go to school there. It was supposed to be that way in the first place. But it was Ma's decision to not do it anymore. Have you ever thought of advertising for a roommate? There's an idea that would keep you here. You ought to really consider a roommate, its the only way you are gonna be out on your own.

I am the one who has to establish residency, not you. And dont blame anything on Yellowstone. You knew I had planned on spending my summers there for two years before I went there. The only reason why I didnt was because of Groucho's death, and our move out here. And FYI, only a small part of Yellowstone is actually in Montana, the whole park is in Wyoming. I never discussed attending school in Wyoming, didnt I?

Believe me TF, if they did have a university in Aberdeen, or in Port Angeles, or even near Mount St. Helens, I would go right away. But unfortunately, these are not large enough towns to accommodate a major university. Although I dont know why Longview doesnt have a university, its about the size of Bozeman. And if Bozeman can accommodate a really large university campus, I dont know why Longview doesnt have one.

I think that Jay T should have kept his mouth shut and whoever came on at the same time I deleted the first message should not have started this. I dont care what Jay T says, I am going on my trip to Billings. That is my graduation present from you and I deserve to have some fun and to do a little business while I am there.

Let me be the judge of things before we make a major move out there.