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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Michael's Statue Approved

Well, I heard this morning about Michael's statue being approved. That's wonderful!! I am actually glad to hear that. Even though it was the brain child of an asswipe, still it's awesome. I haven't seen that asswipe in a while, and I believe she deleted her Facebook account. But who cares?! All that aside, I still wanted to see this happen. Of course I haven't joined many INXS groups on Facebook. I have no intention of joining either. I'm even considering leaving one of the groups. I'm actually in too many INXS groups! I don't like that. So, I'm thinking of leaving one or more of them.

The other day, someone on a group posted a video of an interview with Michael. It was a bad recording, and was only a small piece of the interview. Well, I found a better version of the full interview and I was going to share it with the other people in the group. I came close! I had the link copied and I was on my way back to the group to post it. But then I stopped myself. I thought about back when I posted that full version of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong on the Statue for Michael group. I thought about how much I now regret sharing that with that group of bozos! I should not have done it! And if I'd known back then how those people were going to turn their backs on me after my father died, I wouldn't have shared it with them! When I copied that link for this interview video, I said to myself "Wait a minute! What am I doing?!" I closed down the Facebook page, saying "Screw that! They can come to YouTube and find this themselves! I'm not sharing this with anyone!"

Well, I got the video now, in my own collection. That's where it's staying. I'll never post it to Facebook. Fuck that! I'm never posting anything I have to Facebook INXS groups again. Ya know something? I heard Delilah P. (or Violet Hamilton whatever the fuck it calls it's self now) is now taking credit for that video I posted of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong. That stupid fuck had NOTHING to do with finding that video! She was originally one of the fans who complained because she couldn't find part 1 of that video, which had somehow been taken off of YouTube. I was the one who saved all 3 parts to that video. I was the one who put them together and made them a full video. I was also unfortunately the one who posted that video first on Facebook. Now, I wish I hadn't. Well, there is a special place for Delilah in Hell when she leaves this world. I just would so LOVE to punch that woman square in the gut before then.

Funny thing how I used to think INXS fans were the nicest fans of all. But no. I was wrong. Too many of them are liberals. I am also a member of another Facebook group of another rock group, and I've actually found the fans of that group are much more fun than INXS fans. They don't seem to be quite as uptight as INXS fans are. They know more how to cut loose and have fun. They also have their own little "class clown" in the group and everyone seems to have accepted him pretty well. INXS fans would see someone like that and cast him out as a troublemaker. Like they did me. I don't know. Maybe it's because INXS fans are getting too old. But they take things much more literal and much more personal than fans of other groups seem to. I think anytime you have a dead band member, the fans are eventually going to act so uptight. And even more so if the girlfriend of that deceased band member kills herself.

I still don't like Paula Yates. Nothing is going to change that. I still think Michael should not have gotten with her at all. He'd still be here if he hadn't.

Well, this morning the fans were asked what pose they'd like to see Michael's statue in. I remember when this first got started, people wanted to see Michael put up in that pose he's in on the album cover for Live Baby Live; with his arms outstretched and facing the sky. Personally, I don't want to see that pose for this statue. Think about it. This statue may be 10 feet tall. Who is going to be able to see his face if it's facing skyward? I think he should be in a pose where he's looking out into the world. Maybe something more similar to this...

With a microphone in his hands of course. But more like this than like that pose on the Live Baby Live album cover.

Well, regardless of what I think of that Statue for Michael group, I am glad to see this finally come to fruition. Of all the people who have statues in this world in their honor, few deserve it as much as Michael does. He had a natural talent for singing. That's rare for anyone. But shit! Why Melbourne??? Melbourne is a shithole!! I haven't been there myself, and have no plans whatsoever to go, but from what I hear from native conservative Australians, Melbourne is Australia's California. It's a place where the worst of the worst go to fester. So that must mean that there is no chance I will get to see this statue. But oh well! Just knowing it's there is good enough for me. Michael's sister seems to be really happy about this too, and that's what counts. She had this to say...

For sure! Her own baby doll will finally be remembered for the talented person he was! So many people seem to have forgotten how great Michael really was. People today remember the 1980s, but don't seem to remember how INXS shaped the 80s. That can certainly be visible in the Shabooh Shoobah album. In 1982 and 83, the music was corny!! To put it mildly! I remember hearing the songs from those years and they were more like something you'd hear on albums of children's songs, with someone who has a kooky voice singing. But not Shabooh Shoobah. Listen to Don't Change and try to tell me that song is not ahead of it's time!! You won't hear anything like it before 1984 at all! That is how INXS shaped 80s music.

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