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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

No More Aquariums

Well, I sold my aquarium. I was so sad to see it go, as I absolutely adored having my fish. But I got so tired of spending all that money on fish only to have them die on me soon after. I could not understand what happened! When I lived in Bozeman, which is where I had my last aquarium, my fish did fine! I didn't do anything any different with this one, and I'd keep getting fish only to have them all die within the following weeks. I don't know what happened! But like one day, I would get a school of fish (I always got tetras, small gouramis and small rasboras) and usually all but one would be dead within a month. I spent a lot of good money on fish too! It upset me to no end that I would lose most of the school! I miss my fishies dearly, but it's all for the better.

I could not figure out what happened. My sis and I put our heads together one night. I told her how I keep losing all my fish. She finally figured maybe the water quality in this town is not that good for the little fish I always get. I thought about it, and figured she must be right. Maybe that's why a lot of people here who have aquariums always keep the bigger fish. Maybe they are the only ones that can handle the water quality in this town. This happens a lot in ocean towns. I remember Ocean Shores had the same problem, which is why I NEVER had an aquarium when I lived there. As much as I loved having fish, I could not have an aquarium there. The water in Ocean Shores was horrible!!! Not even suitable to drink! Let alone put small, delicate tropical fish in.

I did keep water conditioners and used them. But for some reason, I still had fish dying. Maybe there was something in the water here that those tiny fish just could not handle. It kinda made me think again about opening a pet store in this town. What if I have the same problem with that? I intend to carry some unusual fish in my store too. I wonder if Coos Bay would be better? I mean, a pet store just isn't complete without fish. And I don't want to just carry the all-purpose, run-of-the-mill fish, like platies, mollies and guppys. That is no fun!!! I want to carry as many different kinds as I can. IF I do move to Coos Bay, I don't want to rent there. The one rental company they have in that town SUCKS!!! They have some personal problems against pets I think. Mya is a companion animal, but still, it's not enough for them. The only affordable apartments in that town do not allow animals at all. Not even small, cage animals like birds.

Well, I guess I won't be getting another aquarium. Not unless I can get a store, and maybe have water sent here from other places with better water-quality. I so enjoyed having my aquarium while it lasted, but getting fish only to see them die soon after, or go missing, just is not for me. So, it's just me and Mya now. I sold the tank and stand for $100. I actually had it posted on Facebook for $200! But some guy, who was the only person that sounded serious, only had $100 in his pocket. That was REALLY low-blowing it, but I just wanted the tank gone! Before I got tempted again to go out and get more fish! Besides, the $100 I got will help pay to get my car in 100% working order! It does help! But I can't get that done until next month. See, if I had gotten my full asking price, I could have got that done today!

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