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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Antifa On The Rampage

I heard Antifa was on the rampage in Portland this weekend, and my sis was due to go to Portland this weekend. She had to. She needs to get home. Portland is her first stop. She's going to stay there one night at a hotel, and then catch the greyhound the next day to Missoula. I told her to call me when she gets to the hotel, because I do NOT trust Antifa! They are nothing but a bunch of terrorist thugs. I knew they would be there this weekend causing a ruckus throughout the city, and you can't get much deeper in the city than where the greyhound station is. I heard the Proud Boys were there too, and Antifa was saying "We hope there won't be any violence from the Proud Boys this weekend!" What a bunch of wussies! And dummies! They are too stupid to know that the Proud Boys are not the ones causing the violence! Antifa refuses to admit it's them who actually causes the violence! You never hear of the Proud Boys going around breaking the windows of local businesses do you? No! That's always Antifa who does that!

The Proud Boys did show up at Antifa's rally, stayed for a couple hours, marched in circles, and then went home. While Antifa went throughout the city, ganging up on innocent people, and beating them all up. I told my sis to be VERY careful when walking through Portland! I do NOT trust Antifa! I don't trust they will leave my sister alone! I told her, just go there, stay away from people with masks, stay away from crowds, and don't talk to ANYBODY!!!!!! I told her to call me when she gets to her hotel room, because I won't feel at ease until I hear from her. I'm shaking now just writing this and thinking about her being in Portland alone.

Ya know, it's ironic! It's ironic how the leftists say right-wingers are violent. Well, to them, speaking your mind is violent! LOL! Apparently in their eyes, a person speaking their mind is violent, but beating a helpless old man on a walker until he's unconscious is not violent! There's something wrong with that mindset there. The majority of us are getting sick of Antifa doing this shit every weekend, or every time Trump is supported in their community. Even a lot of leftists that I know of are sick of it. But they are usually the moderate leftists. Not the far-left leftists. The reason the far left established Antifa is because they want to change the course of nature. That's what it boils down to. They still believe Trump colluded with Russia, even though it's been proven he didn't. Antifa members still hold on to the delusion that someone somewhere will find that Trump did collude with Russia. They're really wasting their lives waiting for that, but they've got nothing else to do with their time. They have no jobs. They still live with their mothers. They have no fathers. They have no real pets at home. Just cats. They don't have any real hobbies to occupy their time with. They don't know any good music. So, they've got nothing to do except go out and cause chaos. That's how they get their jollies.

Antifa members hate white people. Especially white men. Because Obama taught them all that white people are inherently racist. So, Antifa is trying to change that. But they cannot change that! That is nature. The only one who can change nature is nature herself. Even black people are inherently racist. They segregate themselves. They ALWAYS have! Even in school I noticed black people always travel in groups with other black people. Even my very best friend in the world, who was also a black girl. She went to my high school during my last year. She always knew she could come to me and talk to me any time she wanted to. But usually she just hung around other black people. It was rare you ever saw a black kid hang out with a group of white kids. That's just the way it is. They stick with their own kind. But the dumb fucks of Antifa don't get that! They think it's just because white people are "racists". UGH!! They make me so mad I want to punch something. I want to punch Obama in the face! I want to punch an Antifa member in the face! Nothing would give me greater pleasure! The leftists ALWAYS want to change nature, but they're going about it all the wrong way.

Well, I partially blame Obama for this mess going on today. I also partially blame the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, I think they too are part of the reason Antifa is so violent against christians. They were the ones who kept going around with those stupid signs, preaching hate towards gay people. Saying all the time "GOD hates fags" with a picture of 2 men having sex on those signs. I think it was also them who put the idea into the heads of the LGBTQ community that kids can handle curriculums involving gay and gender studies. After all, the WBC also took little kids to their protests and had signs with gay porn made specially for little kids to hold. They were the first ones to put the idea of gays into kids' minds. All I know is that before 2006, most kids didn't even think about gays. Now, they are even teaching about them in schools as early as kindergarten. The first thing the teachers in these schools ask is what a child's name is and what pronouns they want to use. When I was in kindergarten, I didn't even understand what a pronoun is! We didn't really study them that early! These days, I'm so glad I am not a child! In my next life, I'd want GOD to kill me before I become a leftist's child! Abort me, do something! But I do NOT want to be the child of a leftist! I'd rather be a child of long-standing conservatives that go back generations.

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