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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ilhan Omar: The Most Dangerous Person in America

Look at this face. Beware of this person! She is the most dangerous person in America today. She sides with islamic terrorists. She is a racist. She is xenophobic. She is a liar. And most of all, she is stupid. She was born in Somalia, but was raised in America since she was 5 years old. But somehow seems to have forgotten that she does not need to wear a hijab on the streets. America saved her and her family from the war in Somalia, yet she completely hates and slams this country. If you are white, she automatically hates your guts. Especially if you are a white, christian man. But she bashes people who don't like her for being an islamic muslim. It was dumbasses that voted this beast into congress. Now, she wants to enter into Israel, but has been banned because the Israelites are not as stupid as she is.

This shows just how stupid the dummycats are. I call them "dummycats" for a reason. Because they're like cats, and cats are dumb. Everyone knows why Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib wanted to go to Israel. Not to make peace with them. Not so Rashida Tlaib can visit her "sick grandmother". No one believes that! In fact, in a video yesterday, she practically admitted they were going to Israel to make trouble. Who knows what kind of trouble? But according to this video I saw yesterday, it would not have been good for our country's relations with Israel...

Right now, Israel is our ally. We don't want to lose that. Well, no one except Ilhan Omar does. I don't know much about this other one, the one named Rachida Tlaib, but if she is friends with Ilhan Omar, then I don't want to really get to know her. But I do have the feeling we're going to be hearing from her a lot more.

I don't like Ilhan Omar. And it's not because she's a muslim. Although I do believe that is a good reason not to let her in congress. It's not often we see muslims that aren't leftists. It's because she keeps talking about how white people are the ones to be feared. Umm, yeah! White men are the ones hijacking airplanes and smashing them into skyscrapers. White people are the ones who are responsible for 50% of drive-by shootings in big cities. White people are the ones killing christians left and right. Yeah Ilhan. Good luck getting some actual facts to backup your claim! I haven't found any. Only the dummycats will believe your bullshit. I say let the facts speak for themselves. Don't listen to Ilhan Omar! Fuck her.

The trash that Ilhan associates with! Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She's so dumb she can't even decide which one of her last names to use. She's so dumb, she can't even figure out how to use a garbage disposal. I wish I could have seen the video of her discovering a garbage disposal for the first time. I bet the look on her face was worse than that of my dog. This morning she was quoted as saying "Trump supporters are too uneducated to know they're racist". Well, AOC is so dumb, she looks for racism in everything. There is no racism! Not as much as the leftists think there is. But I wouldn't listen to AOC, any more than I would listen to Ilhan Omar! Both of them are so dumb! I can't even believe they became congress people. But then again, look at the class that voted them in. I bet the biggest qualification they had going for them was not their knowledge of the system. Because they have none. I bet the only reason they made it into congress is because they are not white. That's the only reason! And it's the poorest reason in the world to elect anyone into office! I'd like to get my hands on the person (or people) who told AOC and Ilhan it was a good idea for them to run for congress. I'd kick that person's ass!! Then I'd try to knock some sense into his brain. Or her brain. If it has a brain!

I dunno. I think the person (or people) who told those two it was a good idea for them to run for congress must have just been joking with them. And those two dummies thought s/he was being serious with them. But there is one thing about them being in office. It proves ANYONE can get into office. Shoot! I need a few thousand dollars! Why don't I run for congress next election?! If a racist muslim and a dumb bartender can get in, then why can't I? I've said it before, I sure couldn't possibly do worse than they have!


iesha said...

Suni and Shia Muslims are peacemaking and kind
Just like me
I just think that woman is either a Gaza or Isis Muslim Just like Dana Salih Toogood

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I think she's an isis muslim too. She acts like she is.