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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Worst Words in Use

I will never understand people! Especially young people. Why does the younger generation always want to be so hateful to one another??!! I'll just never understand it. And why also use such vulgar language too?! You wonder why I like animals so much better than people, well, this is why. Though I don't know. As I said in a previous post, maybe animals do think this way. We just don't know it because we don't speak their language. We always say animals do not judge us. Well, maybe they do, and we just don't know it. Anyways, back to the original subject. One of my friends posted a picture that I totally agree with. Take a look for yourselves:

Now, Isabella is a BEAUTIFUL little girl!! How someone can look at her and call her ugly or retarded is absolutely beyond me! Like a few months ago, I saw a news clip of a woman who posted a picture of her baby boy, who has Down's Syndrome. He is an adorable baby boy to me. But some dumbass got on the picture and posted that he's ugly. Well, that mom had some words for that troll! She was kind and polite to him, but she told him off! Ya know, it's people like that troll that are the main reason I don't want to have a child with Down's Syndrome. I'd be scared to death my child would get bullied, NO kid should have to go through that! And what if I'm not there to protect my child? What if he or she gets bullied to a point they just want to end it all? With a non-Down's child, it may or may not happen. With a Down's Syndrome child, it's almost guaranteed. Sad as that is, it's the truth. I would NEVER want my children to go through what I went through. I guess that's why I just don't want kids. I'm scared to death I'd have a Down's Syndrome baby. And it's not that I don't think they're just as adorable as any other kids, or that they cannot have good lives, and cannot be upstanding, kind and loving people. I just don't want to have that child subjected to the bullying I happen to know kids with disabilities are sure to be on the receiving end of.

Autism runs in my family too, so I know, first-hand, the amount of bullying a "different" child receives. I also know it can destroy a bullied person's life. I'm lucky in that aspect. I am much more jaded now than I was when I was a kid, I stay away from people, I may not be the friendliest person anyone ever met, but I survived the bullying and teasing. But if I had a child, even a Down's Syndrome child, I would not want him or her to become like me. I would want them to have a magnificent life. In a perfect world, I guess they would. But in a world like this one is, where people think it's funny to put others down, and hurt someone else that they think is not up to their standards, no. Most likely each day in school will be like a trip into the 7th circle of Hell!

You know, I don't believe I'd ever even heard the word "retarded" until my family moved to this house in inner-city Lakewood. Then, I heard it all the time. My first day going to school in that area, all the kids were asking me if my sister was retarded. I had no idea what that meant. Most of the time when I answered them, they would walk away laughing. So, I knew it couldn't be something good. When I saw the first kids (mostly 6th graders) ask me that and then laugh at my response, I got a cold, clammy feeling in my belly. I thought "Wow! That's odd!" And then Valerie, who was Paul Casler's sister, constantly used that word over and over again. I knew Paul before I knew Valerie, and I knew Paul was not a good person. I did know Valerie was Paul's sister though. So, I figured if Valerie was using that word, then it's confirmed, it can't be a good word! I remember that first afternoon I went home and asked my ma what the word retarded meant. She told me that it's a vulgar word people use to describe someone who is slow or different.

As I got older, I started to understand that this is not a word that people with intelligence use. But it seems to be very common. Even when I worked at the Puyallup Fair, I heard one of the workers in the time office for the rides section using that word. I only knew about it after my sis told me that one of the workers in that office said that. I think it was the short, fat, dumpy, black-haired dumbass woman who was working in there. I did not like her from the first instant I saw her at the orientation. She looked too full of herself. Apparently I was right! And if she uses the word "retarded", then it's confirmed she needs lessons in decency.

I also see it all the time among atheists on YouTube. Like that Alex Gorecki guy I encountered some time back. I said on a video, though now I don't remember what video it was, that as long as atheists don't try to push me into believing what they do, I don't care what their beliefs are. And then Alex posted "Retard alert" in response to my comment. IMO, his remark was TOTALLY uncalled for! I said NOTHING bad about atheists! Well, I was totally sick of atheists making me out to be "retarded" just because I don't believe what they do. I could have given Alex a much harsher response. But then that may not have helped my cause. So instead, I just took his own words and threw them right back in his face! LOL! I turned the "retard" remark around on him, and added that he is also a dim-wit and a dumbass. You know, I have not been back to that comment since! I get notifications every now and then about people responding, and even 1+ing my comment, but I don't care to go back to that thread. Most of the people who are responding to that comment are probably some of Alex's own fucktards trying to convince me that Alex has some kind of point. But he doesn't have any point at all. All he's got is just a head with no brains on his shoulders. Because someone made the mistake of putting his brain down between his legs! If he did have a point, it was lost the instant he used the word "retard". Only people with no class and no morals use that word. So, I don't care to read the responses in that thread at all.

You know, people like Alex, I really hope someday they get to have a child, and I hope that their child is born autistic, or with some kind of disability. That way people like Alex Gorecki can see how cruel it really is to use words like "retard". But if he's really as bad as I believe he is, he'd probably call his own child that name too. People like him are the reason I gave up atheism! Kinda the opposite of MrRepzion. He gave up religion because he was bullied (he was a catholic--huh! Big surprise! NOT!) I gave up atheism because of the number of atheist bullies I have seen. I don't want to be a part of ANYTHING that people have to bully others over. That is also why I am not a part of any organized religion either. I know about the religious bullies. I've been there, I've seen them. And I wasn't even catholic. Catholics are the biggest group of bullies there is in religion, next to muslims. I want NO part of them! My "religion" is very simple. I believe in GOD, HE loves me, HE has my life all planned out, HE sent Jesus to Earth to be my savior, I follow and listen only to HIM. It's not a real religion, it's just a belief I have. I don't call it a "religion". It's not my job to convert anyone or recruit followers. I just obey my GOD. You'll also never see me standing on the side of the road holding picket signs that says "GOD hates" anyone! I believe HE loves everyone! Even gays.

I dunno, I don't see the point of bullying at all. And I always hear people say "Ignore the bullies and they will go away". Well, that doesn't always work. I ignored the bullies, and it didn't make them go away. I remember Dr. Phil saying "Tell your parents about the bullies and get them together with the teachers". Well, I did that too. It only made the bullying worse. The only real way of getting away from bullies is to home school. If I had a child that was disabled, and being made fun of, that's exactly what I would do. I would homeschool them. ANYTHING just so my child would not have to deal with bullies. Because no matter what you do to ignore them, it always gets worse. Not better.
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