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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Do Not Feed the Trolls

LOL! There is this guy who has commented in a couple of my videos, and he keeps pushing for some recognition. I can tell because each time he comments, he gets more and more obnoxious. LOL! I just keep on ignoring him. He has some kind of greek name, and all he does in his own videos is play video games. You all know what I always say about kids who are into playing video games. I saw his comment on one of my videos a month ago, I accepted his dimwitted comments then, but did not respond to him at all. Then I saw him comment on another video yesterday, I accepted his dumbass comment again, but still did not respond. He keeps pushing for a response. He was pretending yesterday like he'd seen me for the first time. I knew he was bullshitting though. I'd seen him before on my videos. He's looking for recognition from me. He didn't get it a month ago, he didn't get it last night, and I still ain't gonna give it to him today! LOL! I am not going to mention his name at all. Nor what videos he commented on. But I just think it's funny how he tries so hard to get my attention. I laugh every time I see him commenting. Now, a month from now, he'll probably comment again, trying to get my attention by saying how fat I am (as if I can't already see that! LOL!) I mean really! I call myself fat in my own videos. Do dumbasses like this dude think I don't already know I am fat? I mean, how can I not see that? But I am still working out at the fitness center. But NO WAY am I going to tell him that! Let him find out for himself. So far, he seems to not have seen my latest videos. Only the old ones, from before I moved here.

Well, I'll let him comment till his heart's content. Oh wait a minute! He hasn't got a heart! LOL! Trolls never have hearts. They only have the brain between their legs to control them. So, I'll let this bigot comment until the brain between his legs is content. But I will still always ignore him. I am not going to give him the attention he is craving from me. I don't reward trolls with responses. I only ignore them. I reward positive people with responses only. I like to only encourage the positive people to come back to my videos. So, I only respond to positive people now. No longer to negative people. That's the way it's going to be from now on. No matter how hard they push.

I see negative people all the time trying to push me for a response. On Facebook, I just totally ignore strangers. There are some exceptions though, but not many. Sometimes when I see a stranger post my name, all I look at is my name. But most of the time my feed blocks their comment. Most of the time, I just don't push the link that says "See all ## comments" or "see more". It's better that I don't look. They are strangers who do not even know me at all. I don't want them corrupting my friendship with the mutual friend we have. On YouTube, the same thing. I may accept a negative person's response, but that does not mean I take it to heart. It does not mean they will get a response from me either. There has been a few times I have wanted to respond to negative people. But I always  refrain from doing it, because I know that is what the trolls are after.

The one time I can remember recently that I did want to respond to a negative person, I was talking to a friend of mine, and I told her I just totally ignore strangers. Well, one of her friends, a VERY negative person, said to me "Dee mind your own fucking business!" Oh GOD I wanted to respond to that person so very bad!! I wanted to say to him "I am minding my own business. I was talking to my friend. NOT you! YOU DUMBASS!!!!" That's one of the few times I really wanted to respond to a negative person. But I just had this feeling that that person was nothing but a troll who was just yanking my chain. Like if I had said what I really wanted to say, his response would be "I thought you said you ignore strangers! hur hur hur!" So, I didn't say anything. But it's one of the few times I did want to respond to a negative person. And I wanted to slap that person too! LOL! Just for being so disrespectful.

Unfortunate that now it is illegal to slap someone's face! There have been many times I wanted to do it to people, even those on the internet. I kinda miss the days when you could really punch a negative person in the face without worrying about being sued. But anyways, that is why I totally ignore strangers. That incident was probably the only time recently that I have read a comment by someone I do not know. But I sure did want to respond to that person, and a lot more than that too. LOL!

Well, in other news, I finally got a copy of Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS. I got it from one of my good friends on Facebook. I always wanted to see it, and now I have. I gotta tell you, I almost never cry at movies anymore, but I seriously started crying at the end of that movie. And Donna was in the kitchen at the time, and I was trying to keep it quiet, I didn't want to attract her attention and see me crying so hard! LOL! I was glad I had the movie on fairly loud. Well, I wanted to put it onto a DVD, but every time I've tried to burn DVDs on this computer, they don't play on my DVD player, so I went out last night to Staples to buy a DVD burning program. I got one that I am familiar with, and usually never have trouble with. But the first time I tried to burn a DVD, it didn't work. It got to 97% and then froze. So, I had to try again. The next time, it recorded the menu, but nothing else. So I had to trash that disk. I tried again, and this time the third time was the charm. I got it onto a DVD. So then my next task was to find out if my DVD player would play it.

Let me say, what I got is an old DVD player/recorder. It was manufactured in 2005, and has been refurbished. And now, I am running Windows 8.1 on my computer. So every time I have tried to burn a disk from a freebie program, it wouldn't play on my DVD player. I always thought it was that way because the player is so old and my computer is so new, that they were just incompatible. Well, last night, it was kinda late when it finally finished, but I put the disk in my player and it played very well!! Thank GOD!! I thought for a while there I would have to go to my ma's and burn the disk on her computer. I really did not want to do that! LOL! But it works beautifully, and now I have the movie! I love it too. I highly recommend it to other INXS fans! Though there are some fans that are going to find everything wrong with something, just because it tells the truth about Michael. And let me tell you, Michael is not an innocent angel! He actually went crazy at one time in his life, near the end. And Luke Arnold as Michael UGH!!! Man is he gorgeous!! If I were 20 years younger, I would have fallen in love with this man!! He actually has a better looking body than Michael had! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I still love Michael Hutchence. He was a great man! And kissed very well I might add! LOL!
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