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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What If GOD Had A MySpace

LOL! I just saw a video about this on YouTube, and I've gotta say it was FUNNY!!!! What if HE did have a MySpace? I think he'd get up to a million friends, but with all that is going on now, and people blaming HIM for all of it, HE'd probably lose several of those friends left and right. Now, what if GOD had a Facebook? I think HE'd be thinking the same thing a lot of us are thinking; When the HELL is the webmaster going to make up his mind about how he wants the home page to look??? I mean seriously! Facebook changes it's layout the way people change their shirts and I am SICK of it!!!!! It really SUCKS!! Every time Facebook changes it's style, it takes me months to figure all of it out, and by that time, they make another change and I get all confused. I have stopped going to MySpace very often. Now, I sign on maybe once a week. And I don't blog there anymore now that I have discovered this site, and I love the editor here. Or I used to until they removed the video embedding device.

What if GOD had a Twitter? HE'd probably be thinking "WTF is the point in this shit??!!" Seriously, I don't understand Twitter. Yet I have an account with them because I was instructed to. My supervisor said I should open one so I did. So what other social websites are there out there? I've only had this one, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. I have a Twitter page for Metazoica too, but I almost never sign into it at all. I wish I could connect my Metazoic blog to the Twitter account. That would be awesome! Then it might make Twitter a little more worthwhile.

Well, yesterday Anna and I spent in Oregon with the dogs. It was a long, rough day. I used to love going to Oregon! Now, I hate it because it takes too long to go over and back. But I had to do the shopping for the month. When we shopped there, I noticed one thing about the supermarkets there. The prices are dramatically lower than they are here!!! It's almost worth it to continue going there to do the monthly shopping. However, what we don't have to spend on groceries, we more than make up for in the cost of gassing up the car to go over and back with. Of course even there, gas is cheaper.

Ya know one thing I remember most about Portland, there was a store that specialized in selling cage birds. I wonder if that store is still there? The last time I visited that store was in 1993, then I never went back again because by then all my birds were gone, and I had no plans to get anymore. So I didn't need to go back. But typing this entry has given me the desire to try and find this business again. I remember the store was called "the Bird Hut" and they had everything from finches to macaws. I'm mostly interested in finches and small softbills.
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