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Monday, February 22, 2010

Wax Hutch Figure

Hm. I don't think it looks anything like Michael. I found this among my Facebook articles this morning.

Perhaps the hair is what throws it off, but I don't think it looks like Michael at all! The moderator of that forum says it was a figure that was made in 1997, and Michael posed for hours for that thing. I don't know. It could be the hair that throws it off. Looks like a rather cheap impression of a ladie's wig. That's just my opinion. And the eyes kinda look evil. Michael had a much more innocent expression than that. The tips of the eyebrows are a bit too low. Michael's were more level. This guy looks pissed off. If this person did an impression of Michael, she should have done all of INXS. I kinda wonder what her impression of Timmy would have been like? LOL! He's a little more evil looking than Michael! hehe!! :P

Well, I was happy, I found an old buddy from an e-mail group I used to be a member of. Well, I am still a member there I think! LOL! I don't really know, I don't get into e-mail groups much anymore. But one thing I always remember about this guy, he was always nice, and he was sometimes very funny. I know one e-mail group kicked me off because I posted a link to my website, but I really didn't care at all. Simply because I don't use the groups much anymore. Kindof a shame. I wanted to get their opinions of my website. But eh! 'Tis OK. That was a group I almost never posted on to begin with. I find I am getting banned from places like that more and more. hehehe!! I must be getting evil in my old age. If indeed posting a link to an author's site on an author's forum is considered evil enough to ban someone. I don't know. I do know everyone has their own opinion of what is evil. Heck there are people on YouTube who think someone calling a fat person names is not an act of evil. But it is! Look at the people who do it. Many of the ones I've seen doing the act also have a look of pure evil in their eyes. And you notice they never do it to fat people who are obnoxious. They always do it to the sweetest fat people you could ever meet. That's been my experience.

Speaking of fat, I posted a video on YouTube about people calling fat people names. It's viewable on my channel. Actually the conversation goes in all directions. LOL!! That's me! That's my own unique brand of pillow-talk. I also talk a lot about my friends and family. I actually recorded the video a week ago, but I didn't complete the editing until last night and then I posted it on YouTube. I've been seeing so many people on YouTube just shit-talking fat people left and right. And you know who thinks they can get away with it?? Fat men!!! That's who. I told them no you can't. You're just as disgusting if you are a fat man as you think any fat woman is. So don't think your gender should let you off the hook of being seen as ugly or disgusting. Personally, I love a man with a little meat on his bones. Not obese, but I like a little meat. I don't really like skinny men. Someone like Timmy is what I like, and I always fall in love with men of his stature; dark hair, usually wavy or curly, with a somewhat huskey build. That's what I like. I think if I were a man I would be attracted to women who have a little meat as well. LOL! But I am not a man! Not even close. Just saying, meaty is my style! Though I have seen some attractive women who are full-figured. I've even seen some attractive women who are fat. But there are people who think just because a woman is fat they can't be attractive. But I am here to say that is not true!! I've only seen a relative handful of fat people who are not attractive. Sadly, I'm among those fat, unattractive women. Let's be honest here!! I have compensating qualities though. When I really like someone, I can be that person's very best, most loyal, friend. All of my friends compliment on how good of a friend I am to them. I may be a bit nutty, but my friends all say that is what adds a lot of spice to our friendship. Part of my attractive nuttiness comes from being so spontaneous. That's something I refuse to give up. I told one of my friends about how one time I went to Reno for dinner. hehehe!!! I did! I truly did. It was fun too. He said that's what he likes about me. The spontaneity. The only thing was that I had just lost my Groucho and it was the first long trip I took without her. So I wasn't happy all through that trip. But once I got to Reno, and saw all the lights and games and stuff, and the Peppermill where I had dinner, it made me happy again.
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