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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving Out

I don't want to move!! I'd hate to move!! I've lived here most of my life, and to move out of this state would be like leaving a part of myself behind. It's totally breaking my heart to know that in a year's time, I will still be unpacking in our new place in Montana. I don't want to move there! The summers are too hot. Of course this year, the summer here has been pretty hot too, but I knew it would be. Well, all is official, ma is moving back to Olympia in October, she told me she is. She's just not happy out here. Well, I saw the writing on the wall and said OK. So, with her gone, new neighbors will be moving upstairs. Ma said she'd talk about moving some missionaries up there and I said now I KNOW I will be moving out because I cannot tolerate any religious maniacs living near me. If they are the kind of religious people who push their beliefs on others, then they won't be for me. I'm not planning to be rude, but I will not have anyone push religion, politics and telling me I have to go to church or I won't make it to Heaven on me. I believe in GOD, and IMO that is enough. I don't believe I have to attend a church in order to make it to Heaven.

But ya know, that's another thing about living here, Anna and I have got to know so many people and most everyone here is so nice and friendly! Most everyone. There's always going to be bad apples everywhere and I have seen a few out here who were not transients. But the majority of the people here are friendly. Partly because it's a small town and the nearest big town is 25-30 miles away. Bozeman is a much bigger town than this one. While it has more in the way of 24-hour shops, the people there I am afraid might be like they were in Lakewood. Of course ma said Lakewood got worse because of the immigrants from California were slowly and surely settling there. And California is a high-crime state--a good indication the people are going to be irratable. And yes a lot of them did settle in Lakewood, Tacoma, Seattle and neighboring towns. There are almost no Californian settlers in Montana. I guess that's a good thing. Hopefully the people in Montana will be like they are here in Ocean Shores--laid back and friendly. Ma said that that area around Puget Sound is where most of them settled. I don't know though about there being nicer people in eastern WA. I went to Yakima once and saw several really nasty people there too. Of course Yakima is not Montana! But still! It's pretty far east and no doubt Montana has to have some jerks like the ones I saw in Yakima. I guess I should be grateful we aren't moving to the midwest.

Well, MSU is one of the top 10 universities in the country, and I want to help Anna get ahead. In case I am interested in going to school, they also have a film-making course there. hehe! Well, this year, I've been heavily into film-making, and I enjoyed it. So if I get into anything at all, it'd be that. Winning that film-making competition told me a lot! I do have a talent for it. No room for modesty there, just honesty. Imagine me winning that competition out of all the people that entered. Many of them were film students themselves. And I won! Not even a college education in that field and I WON!!! Told me a lot about myself there. And should I choose to go back to school, that would be the field I'd want to get into.
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