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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Smack Heard Around The World

 Everyone is booming about what happened the other night at the Oscars. Chris Rock was the host that night. He called Will Smith's wife "G.I. Jane". At first I didn't get it. And apparently at first, even Will Smith thought it was funny too. But I also noticed the look on his wife's face, and she was not too amused to be called G.I. Jane. Next thing I see is Will Smith going on stage. Was he going on stage to shake hands with Chris Rock? No. He pulled back his hand and slapped Chris Rock, nearly knocking him off his feet. I loved how Chris Rock took it in stride. He started to joke about how he got the shit smacked out of him by Will Smith. Next thing, Will Smith is yelling "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth!"

Anyway, here's a piece of the video...

Now, I haven't watched the Oscars in years! I have zero desire to see it today. Mostly because today's movie stars don't mean shit to me. But I do think it was the wrong place for Will Smith to be acting like a teenager on the school playground! If he wanted to beat Chris Rock down, do it after the show! You don't do shit like that during an event like this! But this is why I don't go for today's celebrities. I will admit Chris Rock was wrong in making fun of Will Smith's wife's condition (she has alopecia). But that is still no reason for Will Smith to go on stage acting like a child!

Later, Will Smith was in tears, and apologized to everyone. Everyone that is, except Chris Rock! When I first saw that, I was shocked he didn't even offer an apology to Chris Rock. Apparently those two are supposed to be friends. But Chris Rock was still gracious. Will Smith even won the Oscar that night. I think it says a lot about Chris's character that he did not strike back. Not sure I would have been able to hold back in a case like that.

Well, now we're getting the memes. You know how good right-wingers are at memes!

I kinda wonder how Will Smith is reacting to these today? I told you all, these people today are without shame! They don't care if they look like animals. Or children. They do shit like this anyway!

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