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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

We Don't Need A Dumb Judge!

I've been following this nominee for the Supreme Court Judge, Ketanji Brown-Jackson. She is now being throttled by republicans. I'm glad to see it. It would serve Joe Biden right if she was found to be disqualified to become Supreme Court Judge! Imagine picking someone just because they're a black, liberal woman. Only people like Susan Burklund would agree with that. And for all the wrong reasons. Not people who have sense and want someone who will actually be fair in their judgements. This dope of a "judge" doesn't even know what a woman is!! When asked how she defines a woman, she said she couldn't define it. How dumb! Do you really want someone who can't even describe her own gender to the world taking over our country's supreme court??? I don't!

If Biden is going to pick a black woman to run our supreme court, at least make it someone who knows what a woman is! Can you even imagine someone like Ketanji Brown presiding over any court?! At least the show would be funny to watch. I can just picture it all now...

Ketanji: How do you plead this case? Guilty or not?

Defendant: Umm, Guilty?

Ketanji: What does that mean? "Guilty".

Defendant: It means "not innocent", your honor.

Ketanji: What does "innocent" mean?

Defendant: It would mean someone who didn't do the act they are accused of, your honor.

Ketanji: I'm not familiar with that definition. Move on!

If ms. Ketanji Brown-Jackson needs help defining what a woman is, here's  dictionary.com's definition of a woman...

I know where she got the idea that "woman" has no definition. It was from those two nudniks that was on Dr. Phil last month with Matt Walsh. When Matt Walsh asked the first nudnik what she defines as a woman, her sloppy answer was "No I can't. Because it's not for me to say." That's such a dumb, stupid answer, I can't even believe she said that. Why can't you say what a woman is? Then the other nudnik later added "Because I don't identify as a woman." Well you know what? I don't identify as a dog, but I can sure define what one is. I don't identify as a birthday cake, but I can sure define what one is. I don't identify as a bird, but I can sure define what one is. And so-on and so-forth. Matt Walsh had the perfect response "How can you say trans-'women' are women, when you can't even define what a woman is?" And I say he had a good point! If you can't say what a woman is, you have no business even using the word! So, leave the women alone you JERKS!!!

The two nudniks, Addison Rose and his
wife, Ethan.

Get this, after that Dr. Phil episode was filmed, these two ding-a-lings started having nightmares about that meeting with Matt Walsh. I guess Matt Walsh can be glad he was able to bring truth to the stage that needs to be told. And it caused those "people" to have nightmares.

Anyways, I first heard about Ketanji's nomination last week. And I also have been reading that she has a record of letting off criminals and pedophiles. If she becomes the Supreme Court judge, our whole society could be in danger! Kids will lose all rights. Pedos will steal kids, possibly kill them, and nothing will be done to keep them off the streets because Ketanji will turn them loose. Turn them loose only to let them do the same shit again! Oh no! When I heard that I knew for sure she would be a lousy judge. It's bad enough she doesn't know what a woman is. She sure won't do anything for women to keep their rights in tact. I don't want her as the judge! She's too dumb, and too liberal! Vote her OUT!

She's been getting a pretty good ass-whippin' from the republicans though! Check this out...

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