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Saturday, April 2, 2022

"Don't Say Gay"

 Today's subject is about the babble online about this so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill. This was a rule started by Ron DiSantis in Florida. It's designed to protect children from being sexualized. The leftists really hate it, but most sane parents agree with it. I love it! Not only because it's protecting children from being sexualized in schools, but also because of the leftists. Right now, you can go on TikTok and you can see a bunch of videos of leftists just saying "Gay--Gay--Gay!" over and over again! Some of the videos put out on that are funny. Some are corny. But none proves any point. You know why? Because leftists are STUPID!!!! They think they're being cute, or clever. They think they're giving Ron DiSantis the needle. But the problem is, this bill has nothing to do with not saying the word "gay"! The bill states that children,  third grade level and under, shall not be taught sex-ed in schools. Nothing in the bill is mentioned about saying the word gay. That's something some leftists made up. So, in essence, the leftists who say gay over and over again, are only mocking other leftists. Namely the one who said this bill was all about not saying the word gay.

But this is great for a laugh! It's always funny to see leftists rip each other apart. They're mocking their own words, and don't even know it! Because they're too stupid to know it. I can tell you, I don't think any of this is bothering Ron DiSantis at all. Or it shouldn't! But this is what happens when people listen to only one rumor. Especially those started by the leftists. They get everything all wrong. I agree with Ron DiSantis. I don't want children to learn sex-ed in schools! I think to do so would be like taking away a child's innocence.

The only reason children are now learning about this queer bullshit in schools is because the democrats want people to start accepting pedophiles. Democrats HATE kids! They want to take childrens' rights away from them. Back in the 90s, I wondered why I hadn't seen any innocent kids like I used to. When I was a child, I was as pure and innocent as sweet virgin olive oil. But you don't see kids like that anymore. Actually I first noticed childrens' lack of innocence in the 80s. But then it was just one kid, about 7 years old. He was calling me fat names. I would see him sometimes after school. I hated it when he was out. But he proved that not all kids are innocent. It's not just because he called me names and shit like that. But the manner in which he did it. It's a form of sexualization. There is a big difference between a child saying "you're fat" or "why are you fat?" and a child outright calling a fat person names like "fat-mama" or "fat-daddy" or asking a fat girl who someone was that she spat on. That's obviously learned behavior. A child does not say things like that on their own. And he most likely learned it because he has a father who believes a woman doesn't look good unless she is like the models on the front page of a spicy Playboy magazine. Or he could have had a big brother who taught him that. Who knows? But that proves children have been sexualized since the 80s. It's been going on forever.

I think the reason it's even worse now than it was in the 80s and 90s is because democrats want children to learn to become prey for sexual predators. Democrats have been working to get pedophiles accepted now for a long time! I saw this as early as the 80s, and it is even worse today. It's been steadily getting worse since about 2015. Even though the LGBT community has been saying they will never accept pedophiles. But I knew different. And then a couple years ago, I saw my first little boy, dancing in front of grown men in a bar for money! Then I knew the LGBT community's code of ethics has been broken. That wasn't my first indication, but it's the only one I have positive proof of today! Now, here they are, ready to accept pedophiles in their community. But that's not the first time I've heard of the LGBT community doing something under-handed!

Remember the baker in Colorado who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding and then the gay couple took him to court? Well, I've recently heard that they did it again. Some trans person went in and ordered a cake for his "coming out day", and the baker refused once again to make it. The first time the alphabet mob went to this bakery, and were refused service, I thought they learned their lesson on the spot. But after other alphabet people kept going to him, I started thinking "that's harassment!" and I lost respect for the LGBT community. I think this makes the 4th time these people harassed the same baker. I don't know if it's the same people who keep going there, or if the mob is sending new ones every other year. Either way, they need to leave him alone! By constantly going there and harassing him, they are only making themselves look bad. If someone as level-headed as me would be annoyed by them doing that, then you KNOW they're making themselves look bad. I don't like victim-blaming, but it's turning out the LGBT people are the monsters in this scenario.

I used to be with the gays. Well, I still am in a way. Because I understand all they want is to live their lives. So be it. That's perfectly fine with me. But what I hate is when their lifestyle interferes with other peoples' lives. Call me "homophobic" if you want to, I don't care! But in just a decade, we went from giving gays their right to marry, love and live their lives however they want to, to them pushing their beliefs on our children, invading womens' sports, and taking away our freedom of speech. The freedom of speech thing is mostly prevalent in Canada. But believe me, it won't be long before we in the USA start getting put in jail, or fined, for "misgendering" someone. Then I will be through playing nice with liberal gays!!

Believe me, I'm not even into women's sports. I would not advocate for them at all if I didn't have to. But I know how hard these girls work to reach their goals, and it's sad to see men can just come in and compete against these girls, stealing their awards, their titles, etc. and all the men have to do is say "I'm a woman now." If I ever were in women's sports, I'd boycott! Until those damn trannies get tossed off the team! And these men are doing this because they cannot compete in men's sports at all because they are too weak. So they take the easy route and invade women's sports instead of working harder on their own skills.

I saw a compilation of TikTok videos last night where a bunch of crazy mixed-up women were crying and whining because Ron DiSantis won't let them talk to young kids about their marriage. Let me tell you, when I was a kid (under 3rd grade), I didn't even know any of my teachers were married. I didn't know and I didn't care. Why would a grown woman want to tell first graders about their marriage?! That's totally messed up!! I don't even tell any of my adult friends about my marriage!! This is what I hate about gays/trannies/others. Why is it so important to tell kids under a 3rd grade level about what goes on in your bedroom at home?! That makes me sick! If an adult has to look to a small child for some kind of validation, there is something wrong with them. If I knew someone was doing that to my kids, I'd be livid! I'd tell my children to stay away from that person.

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