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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Not Sure of it, But I Think I May be in Love!

I just saw a pic of Timmy's youngest, Jake, and he is such a handsome boy!! He looks exactly like his pa!! I was amazed how much he looks like him. SHIT! I feel like a damn perv!!!!! Don't worry, I would never fall in love with him like I would Timmy. He's too young for me. I just had to comment on how handsome he is and how much he looks like his pa! I'll tell you one thing though, if I could only remember what band he plays for, I would follow them anywhere!! I wonder if he ever plans on coming to the states? I do hope he forgives me for stealing his pic, but like Iceni said, I need a visual aid!! You'll have to kinda squint to see it, but if you look close enough, he looks so much like Timmy it's uncanny!!!!!

Well, maybe not too uncanny, he is his child!! Both of Tim's children are beautiful guys! But while Jake looks like his father, I think James (the oldest) looks remarkably like his uncle Jon. LOL! I know that sounds silly but I saw a pic of him recently too and he looked like Jon with Timmy's eyes. Either way, Tim has some damn good genes!!! I heard Jake also plays with a band, and I kinda wonder which one? And I wonder if they will ever be coming to the states?

I guess those are some things I could ask him that would be pretty good ice-breakers. I know he has a MySpace, and one of my best MySpace friends made friends with Jake, and told me I should write to him and say hello sometime. But I couldn't. Not under the name Timmyfan!!!!! And I wouldn't even think of adding him to my MySpace friends!! Not that I don't think I'd like him. But this same friend told me he has a thing against adding INXS fans to his MySpace friends, and I don't blame him at all! That's why I would never ask him to become my MySpace friend. If I were him, I would think someone calling herself "Timmyfan" would only like me because Timmy would be related to me. I'm sure that's what he would believe.

Anyway, I know how it feels to be judged by the actions and interests of one of your family members, and so I can understand why the children of rockstars feel the way they do about the fans. So that is why I would never even consider asking the children of INXS to become my MySpace friends. If they ask me, that's different. But I would never ask them!

I feel like a damn pervert saying I think Jake Farriss is so handsome because he is so much younger than me!! He's 21, I'm 34! Yes I feel like a pervert! That too is a long story and it starts with a job I had in 1992 with a couple named Patti and Chris. I was the nanny for their children. And I think I tried too hard to be like a big sister to those kids. NO!! I was NOT trying to be a lover to them!! Anyway, Patti said something about how I was "hiding behind her kids" and "using them as a security blanket", and it made me feel a certain way. Ever since then, I've had this block against getting too close to anyone that is any number of months, years, even days, younger than me. Even if they are of legal age. I don't even know where Patti got those ideas from!! I have my limits. I tried being like a big sister, and maybe that was my big mistake. Maybe she prefered someone who would be more like a ruler. A tyrant. Or something of that nature. I only have a few friends who are younger than me, and I've known them since before I met Patti and Chris.

I remember one time ma tried to fix me up with a guy. I said if he's younger than me then forget it!! She said he was only a month younger than me, and even that was too young!!!! I said no, I didn't want to meet him. Ma gave up looking to hook me up with a guy. So there is no way I can be in love with Timmy's children. NO way whatsoever! But, I still think this one is handsome!!!

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