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Friday, March 6, 2020

Bill Clinton: Too Little Too Late

I saw an article the other day on Facebook that one of my buds posted, and it was about how Bill Clinton (AKA, Bullshit Clinton) is sorry for ruining Monica Lewinsky's life. I say too little too late. Clinton also stated that he had sex with her because he was suffering through stress. WTF??? Is that supposed to make it right? I can just picture Clinton trying to justify that! "I felt stressed so I had to have unsolicited sex with a minor". I knew he was bullshitting back in the 90s, and I have not changed my mind 20+ years later!! I didn't believe him when he said he did not have sex with "that young girl".

You know what's funny? I remember seeing a clip on one of those tabloid programs, I think it was a show called Hard Copy. They took some kind of poll right after Bill Clinton was inaugurated. It said something to the effect that more women were having dreams of having sex with Bill Clinton. Their theory as to why that was happening was because they said "we finally have a handsome man for our president". LMAO!!! I was a young woman back then and believe me, I did NOT find Bill Clinton the least-bit attractive. The dude looked to me like a fat-ass pig in a cheap tuxedo and a wig made of mummified mammoth-hair. I personally thought they were having dreams like that about Bill Clinton because the man was an evil sex-fiend, and their dreams were trying to warn them.

What difference does it make anyways? He already ruined her life because he fucking lied. I used to think his wife Hillary was a victim and that she was going to divorce him. But no. She still stands by him even though he lied to everyone. Including her. But really, I find she and her husband are no different from each other. She is a liar too, and she cannot seem to get over losing the presidency. She and Bill Clinton are two peas in a pod! Hillary, along with Obama, both colluded with Russia during the 2016 elections, and lied about not doing it. Instead, they decided to pin that on Trump. Well, I heard Trump is fighting back against CNN for spreading such lies. He also needs to go after Obama and Hillary.

These are the things in life I am the most sure of:

Bill Clinton did rape Monica Lewinsky
Trump did not collude with Russia
We did not cause climate change
Cats make people ugly (inside and out)
Epstein did not kill himself
Trump will win 2020's election

Those are things I am 101% sure of. Oh yes, and one more thing...

I sure as hell am not getting my car back this week.

But that is not a good thing! My blasted car had to be taken back to the mechanic. Back in December, right before we left for Las Vegas, I took my car to the fairgrounds to let Mya go potty. It was acting weird on the way there, but it was riding very slow on the way back and I could not move the steering wheel. I thought all it needed was some steering fluid. Then my sis and I took it the next day to an auto parts place to pick up some steering fluid. But when I looked into the vessel for the fluid, it was full and didn't need anymore. So after that, I took it to a mechanic here in town that works on foreign cars. They said the car needed a new alternator. They gave me a price for the alternator and I had to fill up one of my credit cards to pay for that. They charged my car and sent us on our way and we said we'd be back when we manage to save the money.

I drove me and my sis home, but the car died on the way and we couldn't move it any further. We were stuck in town. A couple of nearby restaurant workers helped us get into a parking space. I had to keep the car there overnight! I said I would get my own battery charger the next day and drive the car home while my sis takes the car rental back to the house. After we got back from picking up the rental car for the trip to Las Vegas, I sent my sis to the house to pick up all our luggage, while I took my battery charger and tried to bring my own car back and park it in my own parking space again. The first time I tried to just charge the battery to get the car started. It did start, and so I unhooked the charger from the battery. Right after I did that, the car died again.

Well, I didn't want to just leave that car there for a week while we were in Las Vegas, I'd never enjoy it! I'd be worried my car would have been towed away by the time we got back. So, I hooked the charger up to the battery and ran the car all the way home on the charger. Hey! It WORKED!!! I was able to drive the car all the way home on the charger's power. So, I parked my car in my assigned parking space and left it there. Then off to Vegas we went. But I said I was not going to run that car again until it's time to take it to the mechanic.

BTW, I finally got our Las Vegas movie up on UMG Productions! It came out GOOD!!! It was a thrill all the way, and at times, even funny. Check it out here!

Well, I got an appointment with the mechanic this past Thursday, the 5th. I knew I was going to have to use my battery charger all the way to the mechanic again, just like I did to bring the car home back in December. I was kindof scared to do it because the mechanic may be too far and I didn't want to burn my charger out. It's a good charger. One of the best available! I hooked it up once again to the battery and drove it all the way into town. Don't ask me how I did it!! I'm not sure I even know myself! I did see smoke at some points during the trip. But I managed to make it there OK, and my charger is still in one piece. I took the dial-a-ride home, the driver was very nice too. I'd met him before. His name is Gary. He told me he's had this same problem before too. We were talking a lot about cars on the way to my place. He kinda put my mind at ease. Anyways, he made me forget about my worries while I was riding with him.

Well, last night I found out what was wrong had nothing to do with the alternator. It was fine. The problem was with the fan belt. It had broken because one of the pulleys that attaches the belt to the fan was also broken. OMGoodness! So today, I did not get my car back. The mechanic is still trying to find that part I need. He could not find it here in this town. But he said he has some associates in Portland who might have the part. So now, I've got to sweat this out all weekend. But I didn't want to bother him again today. But if I don't hear from him Monday by noon, I'm going to call him again. I need to know if this is going to be a fixable thing, or if I'm going to need another car. Well, I'm trying to keep positive while I wait.

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