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Friday, March 20, 2020

Killer Coronavirus

Well, I haven't been infected with it yet, but this town is on lockdown now. Almost all services have stopped. We've never had problems like this before. Even the schools are shut down. Definitely the post office and other government facilities are closed for the next week or two. Unfortunately that also means I don't get my car back because the post office will not deliver the necessary part to the mechanic. Even though it is here in town, according to the tracking. So near! Yet so far. I feel like I am running in a race, and I am ahead of everyone else. The finish line is so close I can almost touch the ribbon. Then, only 3 feet away before I reach the finish line, I collapse. And the people behind me win, trampling over me in the process! That is how I feel right now. It's maddening!! I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Everyone has their own story about how this coronavirus is affecting them. But for me, all it really means is I'm not getting my car back for possibly another 2 weeks!

Thank GOD I have plenty of toilet paper! LMAO!!! That's become the meme of this movement. People are buying toilet paper like crazy! You go to a store and the shelves are empty! Well, as a small town, we have not quite reached that level yet. One of the reasons I love living in small towns.

Some places are more affected than others. One of my Facebook buds who lives in Italy says it's very bad there. Several people have died of this coronavirus there. It's even affected people in Seattle and now Portland. So, maybe it's just as well I don't have my car back. I think this is what GOD is trying to tell me. I need to stay put until this is over. I even feel bad for the kids here. There's no school. When I was a kid I would have rejoiced! I remember how snow days were during the school year, and we would get off. I loved that! I remember when I was in 3rd grade, and it snowed, we were out of school for about a week, and I had FUN! If I wasn't watching old antique cartoons, I was outside making snow men, snow angels or sledding down this icy hill in our neighborhood. It was exciting for me! Then my second year in middle school, it snowed a lot and we were out of school off and on for 3 weeks! That too was fun!

I know exactly how these kids feel. When I was a kid, we did not have any quarantine. In fact, I've never seen anything like this! Except on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. So this is very different from snow days at home. Then at least, we could go out and play. But you can't during a quarantine. In fact, the first day of this quarantine, I saw kids out in the play area playing with each other, and I was thinking they shouldn't be out there. We're supposed to be on lockdown! But I know how they feel. They aren't out there today, and this must be driving them CRAZY!!!! If I were a child, I'm not sure I would have survived this! Not being able to go out and play with my friends. Just having to sit here and knowing I cannot go anywhere it feels the same way. Kids are different. They've also got all that pent-up energy they need to let loose of.

I once heard on a video that this virus was released on purpose by the Chinese government! You know who I think is behind that? I'll give you 3 guesses, but you'll probably only need one. That's right! The leftists! Notice how this never happened until now, just before a major election event? And after they found out Trump colluding with Russia didn't happen. WW3 with Korea didn't happen. Trump being accused of an impeachable crime did not work out for them. The economy under Trump was booming. The stock market was doing awesome under Trump. So now, they are using this Coronavirus to make Trump look bad. It even worked on my sis. Even she is sounding like the leftists saying "What is Trump doing about this?" I told her he's doing all he can, but he's already got so much on his plate. I've even heard some leftists say if she gets the coronavirus, she's going to go to a Trump rally and infect everyone there. So, this is all part of the leftists' design to make Trump look bad!

Today I was watching a video where the leftists were saying that it was because of the Obama administration that our economy now is booming. But yet they are saying the economy failing now (because of this virus) is all Trump's fault. I'm like make up your damn minds!!! Is Trump responsible for the economy or is he not??? And once more, Obama did NOTHING good for the economy. He just wants the credit for it. But then that's the leftists for you! If Obama had said "This corona virus is the greatest thing in the world and no lives have been lost". Then the leftists would definitely believe this corona virus is the greatest thing in the world and no lives have been lost. That's how dumb the left is. And they call Trump supporters dumb. Every time I hear a leftist say "Trump supporters are all dumb!" I laugh my ass off! Because I remember all the dumb shit the leftists are doing. But now that Trump wants to have a nation-wide shutdown, the leftists are crying wolf and saying "Trump is trying to kill us all!" UGH!! If only the leftists knew how to spot hypocrisy. A person could really clean-up if they could invent some kind of juice that makes hypocrisy glow like a lightbulb! We wouldn't even need security lights, just hang a leftist on your porch! Or plug a leftist into your lamp.

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