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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The "Rock" In Roxette

Wow! This is a first! Or anyway a first for a long time! Over the past 2 weeks, I've had 2 dreams of Per Gessle. Before this year, the last time I dreamed of him was back in 1991, when I was very much in love with him. But I haven't dreamed of him since. Not until this year! Geez! I wonder if this is the beginning of me getting back into him again. With the death of Marie Fredricksson, it's pretty safe to say Roxette is dead now. She was the main vocalist. Although I concentrated more on Per Gessle, because to me, he was the handsome one. I always had a thing for guitarists. Like Michael Hutchence, Per Gessle had his own moves that were as sleek and sensual as Michael's. Which is not bad, considering as a guitarist, his moves would be more limited. But I thought he pulled them off well. But he had his own style, which is what I like. Just like Michael had his own style.

I think I'm beginning to look at Per Gessle again because of Marie Fredricksson's passing last December. It made me realize I'd better enjoy him while he's still here. He's the last of the great rockstars I was into back in the early 1990s that is still around and still making music. But when I start having dreams of me kissing him, that is surely an early sign of something!!! I did try to get back into him before, right after Michael died, but it didn't work. I thought back then it would work, but it absolutely didn't. No matter how hard I forced myself, I could not get myself to see him the same way I did back in the early 90s. Now, he looks like an old hound dog. LOL! He's still handsome though. I saw a video of him that was taken a few weeks before Marie Fredricksson passed away. He looks good and sounds good. He also still has the bad afro. Back then, that was one of his cutest features to me.

I've stated on here many times before that Roxette was one of my favorite bands still. Right up there with INXS. Part of the reason I put them in the same class with INXS is because they had their own unique sounds, and Per Gessle also had his own unique moves. The one signature move he had that always used to drive me crazy was he would pluck his guitar and slowly raise his arm in the air, sometimes twisting his body around. That used to make me go NUTS every time I saw him doing that! I loved that! To me, that was very sensual and sexy.

Ya know, I kinda wonder how Roxette fans are. I've seen how INXS fans are, and lived through it, and frankly don't like it! But I wonder how Roxette fans are. Now that Marie is dead, they might be as bad as INXS fans. That always happens when a band has a deceased member. I remember chatting with other INXS fans the year after Michael died, and back then they used to be nice and friendly. Then when Paula died, I began to notice a change in their personality. I noticed INXS fans started to become more hateful. That was also about the time I began to notice all INXS fans were owning cats instead of dogs. Cats make people mean and hateful. So, I think that's why INXS fans are such cucks now. But I wonder how Roxette fans are. I guess it depends on several factors.

One, is if every Roxette fan absolutely adored Marie Fredricksson. I can check that. I admired her singing a great deal. Although the reason I watched their videos was because of Per Gessle. I wanted to see him. But that's just me. Marie was pretty and had a very nice voice, but I am not gay. I couldn't find her as attractive as I did Per Gessle. I didn't love her the same way I loved him. Nowadays INXS fans think you're "hateful" if you don't like Paula Yates. But I don't like Paula. I never did. I see no reason to change that now just because she's dead. People argue "She's Lily's mom!" Well, that's not my fault!! Besides, she's also the mom who said if Michael ever left her, she would kill herself AND Lily!! And she's also the mom who abandoned Lily, leaving her to Bob Geldof, who Michael did NOT want to have his child! That doesn't sound like a good mom to me. So no, I don't like Paula Yates! Anybody can have a child. Helena could have had Lily! Just because Paula had Lily does not mean she was a good mom! When a man does things like that, you call him a sperm-donor. Not a father. Paula was nothing but an egg-donating incubator for Michael's child.

I don't know if Roxette fans are all cat people though. That could also be a good indicator of the character of Roxette fans. I once heard there is a stigma going through the INXS community that anyone who has met Michael personally MUST get a cat. I even heard one stupid person say she met Michael one night, and the next day went out and got a kitten. I don't see the connection, and it sounds dumb to be forced to get a cat just because someone meets Michael Hutchence. I kissed him, and I never ran out and got a cat the next day. That's stupid!! That's dumb! And it makes absolutely NO sense! But it does show how very stupid cat people really are. Like I said, cats make people mean and hateful. And now, I have proof. My sis even believes me now when I say that. I hope my mom does too. Having seen how Kim Sabo and Karen Boegli act and they have cats now. But it's not just those two. A lot of INXS fans are catfags too, and they are also bullies. There is a LOT of bullying in the INXS community now. I totally blame the catfags simply because cats mess up peoples' minds. Back in the late 90s, when INXS fans still had dogs, I can honestly say I never saw this much bullying among the fans! Now that every INXS fan has cats, I'm seeing nothing but bullying among the fans. It's become commonplace. I blame the cats! Totally blame cats.

That would be an indicator of the temperament of Roxette fans too. If most of them have dogs, then they may still be decent people. But if most of them have cats, then expect a lot of bullying to go on between them. I might join a Roxette group just to check out what the fans are like.


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