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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Let Another One Go, But I'm Not Upset

I had to let another potential worker go last night. Usually that kind of thing upsets me, because I don't like to tell someone "you're fired!" but this guy pushed the wrong button. I never would have known he was like that. He wrote me a note last night to clarify what I want. Upon first reading it, I was like OK. So I will write back to him and give him more info. But then I got to the end of the note, which he wrote "I am trusting you won't turn around and use my page on your site without payment. Don't let me regret it." All this when I already told him in the previous letter that I wasn't going to be using these mock-ups on the site! It pissed me off when he said this!! It kinda hit me like an 18-wheeler on the highway! At the very first instant, it didn't register, so I continued to write the note giving him a better explaination of what I wanted, at the end of that letter I wrote "Why on Earth would I use your page when I said I wasn't going to???" Then the more I thought about what he said, the madder I got. I almost was not going to do this, but I did. I wouldn't have felt better if I hadn't. I wrote back to him again with this message:

"Listen, let me do this, I'll just let you go. I believe that the relationship between a worker and employer is sacred. And if you cannot trust me to keep my word then there's no relationship there. I'm sorry. I wish you all the best. Please disregard my offer to accept your work. Thank you."

As angry as I was, I tried to keep a civil and professional position. I'm serious, he really burned me up with that remark. He may be a young 20-year old who does not yet know that what he says sometimes can lead to harsh consequences. I was that way when I was 20 too. And it wasn't like I didn't tell him that I would not use these pages on the site. All I needed was a visual. I only need that because my understanding of coding and anything related is so poor. I need a visual! I wouldn't ask for it if I didn't need it so much. Well, as I said in my last blog, I knew this was not going to be an easy choice. So many people have sent me such wonderful ideas, it's going to be tough to choose the right worker for the site. But this is the first time someone I was about to hire has ticked me off and I've let them go because of that. No one else has ever talked to me like that when I was about to hire them. I treat all of them with the greatest respect. Some people can feel it I guess while others can't.

It was supposed to rain today!!! But it's sunny out there!!! I hate it! I've seen the damn sun all damn week!! It has wreaked havoc on my sinuses!! My nose is constantly bleeding now!! I knew this would happen! It almost is never rainy at this time of year here. It rained last night, but this morning, it's sunny and cold, the worst kind of weather for me. The weather girl said last night we were supposed to have rain ALL WEEK!! I knew it was too good to be true. Instead we got the stupid sun!!! And I thought it was moist here all the time. Before we moved here, that's how it was. That's why I moved here. That's what happens when I move to a place. I've always been unlucky in that way! The first year, it's fine, it rains when it's supposed to. But after being here for a year, the sun starts to show up all the time. And now it only rains at night. The days are sunny, cold and dry! Wanna bet when we move to Bozeman, it's going to stop snowing? Those will be worse days, because there for sure it gets sunny, cold and dry!!! And stays that way for months.

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