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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Never Figured This Would Be Easy

I'm still in the process of trying to find a designer for my Metazoica site. I've been deleting people who I didn't feel clicked with me, and I know I've broken a few hearts in the process. Well, today, to help me make a final decision, I asked all the applicants to turn in a mockup page displaying a picture and the text to accompany, par my specifications. So far, I've gotten a couple of submissions. I got one guy who couldn't do a mockup until April 19th. I told him I absolutely could not wait that long. Much as I liked him and knew he could do a great job on the site, I had to let him go. I told him I was sorry. I have a lot of other applicants whose raw work I'd love to see. And I felt it wouldn't be fair to leave them hanging on for an answer until the 19th. Some of them are rather impatient, and want answers NOW!!!!

Well tonight, one of my favorites submitted a mockup, and he did rather well! He made a really dynamic, eye-catching website for Metazoica. I added him to my favorites on the site, and I added him to my MSN messenger. I also added him to my Facebook. I really like his work! But he hit me with a trick question tonight. After I had viewed the mockup site, and told him how wonderful it looked, he wanted to know right then if he could begin working on the site. I told him as much as I'd love to say yes, I cannot. I still have to think about the other applicants. I have to save time for them to show me their work. I hated to let him down, but I felt it would have been rude of me to just hire him without giving the others an opportunity to show me their work. And I told him all this before he made the mockup. I hoped it was clear and he understood. I told him I could not make a final choice until the end of the month. That's plenty of time for others to submit their work for me to review. Well, he backed off, saying he was no longer interested in working with my project, that he has a couple others to work on. It struck me like a lightening bolt. I thought he understood!! But I was wrong in thinking that I guess. I just want him to realize, I did not reject him voluntarily!! He rejected himself from my project! I told him he was actually quite close to winning the position. But he still wasn't interested. He said he needs a job right now. I feel bad for sure, but it's his choice. And I surely don't want to keep him from a sure job. So, I took him off my list. I hated to, but he made his choice.

I asked everyone to submit a mockup, it'll help me make my final choice. This has not been an easy, or even a restful, journey. I hate telling people I am not interested in their services. Especially when someone has so much potential. I just sit here wondering how many more people are going to react like that one did before I make my final choice?? LORD have mercy!! I may have no one left to choose from and I'll have to continue to do the site myself. UGH!!! Oh well, I've managed this far. But it would have been nice having the site professionally done. I'd just rather not post the job on a place like elance, they don't allow you to ask for mockups. And I am sooooo poor in figuring out internet language, I need a visual aid just to understand. I don't want to risk hiring someone like the guy who did the UMG website! I won't go through that again!!!! If I remember correctly, he wouldn't even do a mockup.

Well, in other news, one of my Facebook buddies told me about Joan Rivers saying shit about fat people in general. I made a video telling her what I think of her saying that (fun or not), I told her to kiss my ass. Well, I was never a fan of her's anyway, but the comment she made on Twitter just downgraded my opinion of her. Well, it struck a chord with a couple of Joan Rivers fans already, LOL! I have the feeling there will be many more! hehehe! Oh well. Like I said in an earlier video, it just goes in one ear and out the other! hehe!
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