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Friday, October 21, 2011

If I Were On My Death Bed

I just saw a video from a guy I am subscribed to on YouTube about this subject and I thought it would make a very interesting topic for this blog. If I were on my death bed now, what would I be thinking? I think the first thing I would be thinking about is what have I accomplished in life? I have no kids. I did try marriage and didn't really like it. I think my greatest accomplishment in life is my Metazoic project. There is no other like it. I think of these animals the same as modern animals. Also my stories are an excellent accomplishment. Working with UMG Productions the way I have, I am honored to have them think of me as one of their leading illustrators. I must have been the illustrator for at least about 200 stories! And it was fun! I've also collaborated with other creators to help think up different plots to these stories. That too is an amazing accomplishment, and helped to build up and strengthen some great friendships. And I used to love getting other peoples' opinions on my stories. Though my boss does not want me reading any reviews that come into the site. Because she said I would be too tempted to respond, and she doesn't want that. She wants readers to feel comfortable rating and commenting on each story.

Anyway, I think everyone who is on their death bed would be thinking about their life's accomplishments. And for each person, it'd be different. But those are mine. Another thing I would be thinking about, since I am a firm believer in reincarnation, I think I would wonder what my next life is going to be like. Kids today have it so much rougher than they did when I was a kid. When I was a kid, kids were still considered innocent. Today's kids are far from that! It's sad really. Especially now after the age of about 4, kids start getting more diabolical! That's among one of the reasons I chose not to have kids. When I was a teenager, I wanted kids more than anything. Then in 1992, I took a job that would forever change my mind about parenting! It was a babysitting job, and the kids were little hellions! Their mom worked as a secretary in the military hospital and the father was in the army. But they let their kids get away with murder!! Most of the things they let their kids get away with I was never allowed to get away with! I would have been pulverized by my parents! Yet they never got disciplined. Well, I remember the kids said a bunch of things to their parents about me, half was untrue, the other half was taken the wrong way, and that got me fired. The parents would not even let me explain my side of the story. None of it was anything serious, I mean, I never laid a finger on either of those kids. But one of the things I was accused of was swearing in front of the kids, and telling them not to tell their mom. Well, that was taken the wrong way. Yes I said "damn" and "shit" in front of the kids, and yes I said (comically) "don't tell your ma I said that!" But frankly, I didn't care if they did tell her or not. I was just being silly at the time. But that was the kind of thing I was accused of.

Well anyway, after seeing how ticked off the parents, and the kids, got at me for minor things like swearing and being silly, I was like "Is this how today's kids are? They lost all their fun?" It was at that moment I decided I did not want kids at all. Kids don't laugh like they used to, and they are not at all innocent. I'm sure those kids were exposed to cussing from far more people than me after I left, and I never even said any of the really bad words in front of them. Nothing like "fuck" or "cunt" or anything like that. So after that job, I lost my taste for having kids, and in fact, I don't even like kids that much anymore. So I don't want any. I have my nieces and nephews and they are good enough kids for me.

But if I were to come back, what kind of person would I be in my next life? I wonder if I would be pretty much like I am now? Or if I would be a very different person. I will tell you one thing though, I hope to GOD I am not a fanatical vegan in my next life. And I hope I never meet anyone who is. Seeing them online is one thing. Seeing them in real life would be totally different! They actually kinda scare me, because they're so crazy. That's putting it mildly. LOL! They are insane, warped, brainless robots who might kill you if they see you with no forethought or hesitation. :) That's because they are incapable of forethought. That's knowledge I'd like to carry with me into the next life. But I don't really know if we can really take anything we learned with us to the next life. I always thought when we're born, our minds are an empty slate. Fanatical vegans are out to convince the world that those of us with a mixed diet are nothing but evil, fat, lazy drones. I think it'd be cool to keep the knowledge I have about fanatical vegans with me into the next life. After all, forewarned is forearmed. :)

Another thing this person talked about in his video, is he going to die of something stupid or not? LOL! He gave a car crash as a visual. The only way I can think of a car crash being a stupid way to die is if he crashed while texting or drunk or something like that. Because those are preventable ways. The fanatical vegans all think I'm going to have a heart attack and die that way. LOL! Well, I hate to disappoint them, but my family has very healthy hearts, and no one in my family was a vegan. My great aunt lived to be 102 years old and she ate meat every day of her life! No problems. My great grandma lived into her 80s, not a vegan, also ate meat and dairy every day of her life. She did die of pneumonia, but that has nothing to do with not being a vegan. In fact, I read that the vegan's favorite protein, soy, actually makes respiratory problems worse. That's why I won't touch it. The only person in my family to ever have any health problems was my grandma, and she spent the first 50 years of her life as a vegan. She had anemia, she had all kinds of heart problems later on in life, and her mind was not all there (just like the fanatical vegans). Just makes me wonder, how am I going to go? I know how I want to go, I want to go peacefully, in my bed, with my dogs by my side.

I'll tell you if I do go before I get back to the coast, then and only then, will I curse GOD's calling! Because if I have to go, I want to go in my dream house by the beach. Maybe even with an ocean view! I should never have left Ocean Shores! I miss it so much!!! Well anyway, there's how I think about my ultimate demise. Boy! This post went around in circles, but each idea was connected with each other some way.

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