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Monday, October 31, 2011

Forums Failing

I remember a long time ago, I created a forum basically for INXS fans to go to if they got sick of the drama going on at inxs.com. I invited people I felt to be my friends (and some I didn't feel were real friends but just wanted to have them around and get to know them better). The forums at inxs.com were so full of drama, and everyone always complained, saying "if there was another place I could go to talk INXS without all the drama going on here, I'd go there." So I decided to try a little experimental thing, and get another INXS forum going. I said that no drama was going to be allowed there. I knew that the forum would fail. There was almost no question in my mind about that. You know why? And let me tell you, I've found this to be true all over the internet. I don't care how many times a person says "I hate drama" or "I hate negativity", I can tell you honestly, they're LYING!! People LOVE drama! They love to hear about another person's problems. Why do you think reality shows are so darned popular now? Why do you think the most popular people on YouTube are those who actually speak their minds? It's because people LOVE drama! It always draws them back.

I've seen so many forums and websites put up and then just a couple months later, failed. That's because the forum owner did not want drama posted on there. You take out the drama, you take away a person's rights to free speech. I remember on the Craigslist forums, I used to occasionally go into the arts and crafts forum. People there used to complain because things got so heated in there and so much drama. Well, one member, probably with the same thing in mind as I had when I created my INXS forum, went and created her own forum devoted to arts and crafts. I remember the forum was active for a couple of weeks, and then eventually people stopped coming altogether. The big mistake the forum's owner said was that there was going to be NO DRAMA and NO FIGHTING. Well, you gather a bunch of people together, there are bound to be some opinions clashing. I'm a person who loves to speak her own mind. I may piss a few people off in the process. But that's who I am! But what is drama to one person, may be to another person their rights to say what they feel. You take that right away, you're going to have some problems, and nobody is going to want to return to your site. I've seen so many forum owners with good intentions fail because of this. The most successful forums and websites I've seen are those that are only very slighly moderated. Some heavily moderated forums may be used for a few months, even a few years. But they eventually fail. It really takes a LOT to make a forum successful. Good advertising helps, and light moderation as well. You have to allow some drama to happen. Some people will get offended, but a lot of people will continue to hang around, some just for the drama.

I say all this because there is another site I am a member of, but I rarely go in myself, because the site owner does not like drama. Well, I got a notice recently that they are struggling with the site because so few people are visiting very often. I don't go in because I am afraid if I do, and I say something that someone else perceives as "fighting words", I'd get kicked out. And all I would be doing is just being me. You know, Katrina called me last night and I told her about the incident I had with Jeri the other night, and Katrina said "Poor you! You make enemies no matter where you go!" And we laughed. I said to her "Well, if I didn't, I'd be wondering if I was really being myself!" We both laughed some more. I've made a few enemies here, but I've also made quite a few friends. And while I can be a bitch, I can at the same time, be very friendly. There was a time, before the internet became widespread, that people actually got to know each other, face to face. I am so complex of a person, it makes me laugh when people, like these fanatical vegans, think they can tell all there is to know about me just by looking at me. LOL! It's funny because they are so far off base. They think just because I am fat that I cannot (or do not) move around at all. Well, the truth is I love walking. But they'd never be able to tell it just by looking at my Vegan Myths videos and analyzing my diet. They think every time I do have to go out that I use some kind of motorized cart. LOL! Again, nothing is further from the truth. Even though they may not show up on my videos, I do have legs and feet. And I use them. I've never even sat down on a motorized cart before. Let alone, use one to do the walking for me. That's why it makes me laugh when some dumb fanatical vegan thinks they can tell all there is to know about me just by watching one or two of my videos on YouTube. But I usually just let them have their fun. Only other fanatical vegans would believe them anyways.

Well, I've been hearing for months that it was going to snow on Halloween. Everyone who lives here said that it was going to snow on Halloween because for the past 3 years, it's always snowed on Halloween. I kept telling my friends, it's NOT going to snow. One of them asked "How do you know?" I answered "Because I'm here now." The sun loves me. I don't know why. I don't love it! I like it occasionally, but I don't love it. I surely don't love it on these cold, dry, sunny days! I'd rather it be cold and cloudy. Then my sinuses aren't so darn bad!

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