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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hypocrisy and Contradiction

This is a big subject. People constantly calling others "hypocrites", I hear it all the time, I see it all the time. It's a big thing in INXS fanhood to call someone else a hypocrite. I also hear people say "I hate hypocrites!" I wonder sometimes, do those people realize when they are saying that that in essense, they are saying they hate people, including themselves. It is actually a part of human nature to be hypocritical of something. That is not at all new or different. We all say we're going to do things that we never do. There was an episode of the Brady Bunch like this, where Greg wanted to live by everyone's exact words. He found out pretty quickly that those were very hard to live by. It's because we're only human. Humans are imperfect creatures. Every time I hear someone saying that they hate hypocrites, I always think of this. Because NO human I've ever seen lives completely up to their exact words. In fact, I would love to meet a person who does. You show me a perfect human being and I'll show you Jesus rising again from the dead.
I admit it, I am something of a hypocrite. I used to hate hypocrites myself, until I found out that it is natural for humans to contradict themselves. My style of hypocrisy though stems from me just being one of those types that looks at both sides of everything. There is good and bad in everything out there, and I prefer to just focus on both sides, instead of entirely on the negative or entirely on the positive. For example, I hate show breeders. I know that not all of them are bad though. Just those who demand respect for no purpose except that they have been breeding (and showing) for some number of years, and treat newbies like shit and stomp on them. Those are the show breeders I hate the most. They're annoying anal warts!! As much as I hate show breeders, I also understand how important they are in preserving their breeds. Believe me when I say I take a sigh of disgust when I am forced to look at their positive side. But it's there, there's nothing I can do about it. But I know I cannot sit here and say that show breeders are 100% bad, and do absolutely no good, when I know that isn't true. That's just why I hate so much going into pet forums, and why I refuse to spend my time at dog shows anymore. I haven't been to a dog show since Vegas was a tiny baby! I said it was the last one I was ever going to go to! I didn't like the way this one guy, whom I didn't even know, was looking at me and Anna. He looked at us like he wanted to kill us. An absolute perfect stranger, I never said 2 words to him at all, and he was looking at me and Anna like he was a hungry tiger and we were the steaks! For no reason at all. But I saw Rio B. talking to him earlier, and she must have said something! She barely knew us herself to be talking about us to anyone.

But anyway, that is the reason I hate show breeders so much. They think they know all there is to know, and they judge everyone. Even though (and especially if) they don't know the person, or don't know the person very well. But they hate it when the same thing is done to them. Being famous on the internet now, I've learned pretty well to deal with people talking about me behind my back. It does not bother me like it used to. All of the things said about me are nothing but rumors anyways. And a lot of the things said about me makes me laugh! Those people try so hard to piss me off, but their lack of knowledge about me personally just makes me laugh! I don't reveal everything on the internet. Keep that in mind.

Ohh speaking of show breeders and pet forums, I wonder if that person who posted the link to a post on here is going to post the link elsewhere too? That is, IF that wasn't me!!! I don't even remember if I may have changed the link on my Craigslist profile or not. Anyway, I hope they do! I encourage everyone who comes in here to post links to this site, or any of the posts, elsewhere! It gets me more views, and I like that. I was so excited this past weekend when YouTube asked to monetize one of my videos. It's the video titled "RE: FAT PEOPLE SUCK". YouTube asked to monetize my 2nd Vegan Myths video, but I couldn't accept that one. You cannot have anyone else's face in the video, and I do have clips from Gary Yourofsky's speech on there. So that was a bummer I could not monetize that video!! I bet I could make hundreds of dollars a day just from that video alone! Now why my "New Friends Arrive Today" video has not been asked to be monetized is absolutely beyond me! It was the first video of mine to ever hit 10,000 views! None of the other videos that Youtube wants to make partner, has even come close to hitting that mark yet. You know who I have to thank for that? The trolls and haters! Yep, even in a happy video like that one, trolls and haters have to interfere and leave hateful comments. LOL! Of course some of them got deleted. I can't let Katrina see those, she'll try to rush to my defense and I don't want that! The trolls and haters are actually what ups my views. I even reopened my vegan videos to comments again. I closed the comments before because a lot of the fanatical vegans got too ugly and some of them even threatening. Well, when Youtube wanted to make my Vegan Myths 2 video partner, I said "I think I should reopen the comments section again". But I also warned that if any vegan fanatics get threatening again, the comment sections of those videos will be closed again. And this time, I won't reopen them.

I realize people get frustrated, and say a lot of nasty shit because they cannot get their way. But there is absolutely NO need for threats! I don't mind name-calling, but I don't accept threats! You can't in today's world because you have no idea if the person on the other side of the line really intends to carry out those threats or not. And I hate fanatical vegans! Almost as much as I hate show breeders. I've come to the conclusion that not all vegans are bad. But there are those who are in it for compassion, and those who are in it for egotistical reasons. The fanatics are definitely NOT in it for compassion. I've seen them claim they are compassionate, but they're really not. Like I always say, talk is cheap! And actions speak louder than words. And if talk is cheap, then vegan fanatics must get their's wholesale! LOL! But yeah, fanatical vegans are NOT in it for compassion. They are in it so they can look down on non-vegans and say "I'm better than you because I am more compassionate! And you're nothing but a fat-assed bitch who will never amount to anything!" IMO, you cannot call yourself "compassionate" if you are making fun of another person and telling them they will never amount to anything, or that they are stupid, etc. The two things just don't go hand-in-hand. But that's why I hate fanatical vegans, because they are all like that. And just because you do not agree with someone does not mean that they are really "stupid". Only stupid people think someone with a different opinion or lifestyle is stupid. I don't like show breeders, but I don't think they are stupid people. They're just overly judgmental people. I can't really say the same for fanatical vegans, because they are stupid people. In accordance to when I said only stupid people think someone else is stupid just because they don't agree with them. I don't like how the Chinese love to see animals suffer. But I don't think the Chinese are stupid people. I just don't agree with their lifestyle.

Look anywhere on YouTube, and you will see how the people in China treat animals. It's abominable! For one thing, they feed the predatory animals in their zoos live prey and allow spectators to watch. And they don't kill animals they use for fur before skinning them. They just knock them out and skin them alive. And I've seen them throwing rats, that are fully alive and capable of feeling, into a pot of boiling water. I don't agree with their lifestyle, but I don't think they are stupid. There is a very big difference between not agreeing with someone, and that someone just being stupid. I would hope the fanatical vegans could see that difference, but no. They cannot. Because they are crazy, fanatical lunatics who have no capacity to think for themselves. So they attack anyone, like me, who has a mind of their own. I wouldn't even call me stupid! My IQ has been measured at 140. That's above average. I don't think it's a genius level, but it is above average. What I don't know, I'm pretty good at figuring out.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on human nature and stuff. I've been trying to find myself an apartment back on the coast, because I want to move back there again. I miss it so much!!! It's been difficult though. Nobody seems to allow dogs, and that sucks!! It's such a waste to move close to the ocean and only be allowed to have a cat! You can't walk a cat on the beach. You cannot really have any fun with them at all. So it's such a waste when I see ads for beach apartments or cottages that say only cats are OK, but not dogs. It's annoying and frustrating!!! Makes me want to choke the landlords! LOL! That was a joke BTW, but seriously, it is frustrating and it is such a waste!

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