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Monday, October 17, 2011

Jealous of an Animal

Someone on YouTube, undoubtedly some dumb teenager, accused me of being jealous of cats because she said cats are cute. LOL! That struck me as funny. I just told her "My dogs are even cuter." Although what I wanted to say is that if there is one thing that I am not, it's jealous of a cat! Why should I be? Cats are vermin, and IMO they are stinky, disgusting little animals. I don't even like their larger counterparts. I think panthers are the most disgusting of all mammals. Makes me physically sick to look at them. When I tell people that, they think I'm joking, but I am absolutely not. I'm never more serious in my life. I especially don't like large felines (except maybe snow leopards). But lions, tigers, and NON-snow leopards, I think they're much uglier than cats. I'm writing this blog though because until today, I've never even heard of anyone being jealous of an animal. I thought this would make an interesting topic for this blog.

There are some animals that I envy, but cats are certainly NOT among them! What have cats got going for them that no other animal does? Nothing that I can think of. They're good tree climbers? So what?! Lemurs are even better, and they don't have claws to help them either. Cats can leap 3 times their body length? Again, so what?! Lemurs can leap 10 times their body length! Klipspringers can leap 20 times their body length. Now, that's impressive for mammals! Cats are cute? Again, so what?! LOTS of animals are even cuter and have much more charisma. Look at otters, meerkats, back to lemurs, seal pups, penguins, fennec foxes, I could go on and on and on! Cats cannot swim very well, they don't seem to have much fun, they cannot sing (some of the ugliest sounds in nature come from members of the cat family), and they're always getting run over by cars! It's true! I now see more dead cats on the road than squirrels! So, what's to be jealous of cats about?

I'll tell you though, if there was an animal I would be jealous of, I think it'd be otters. Otters are cute, chocked full of charisma, they can swim very well, and they seem to have more fun than any animal on Earth! Even as adults the animals seem to always have fun. Check out this video I found of common otters at play:

That is why I would envy an otter. Those little guys are too cute!! I might even say I envy weasels for having such funny relatives! As for cats, they play a lot when they're kittens. But even when they're playing, they don't look like they are having as much fun as otters. Cats look more serious than otters. I'm about as jealous of a cat as I am of this piece of paper I'm about to throw in the garbage! LOL!

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