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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now This Is What I Mean!

Last night, I was feeling especially creative. I finally figured out how I can do caricatures the right way. I decided to just try doing them all on the computer. So I opened up my Paint Shop and went wild with the shapes! If I do say so myself, I say they came out pretty darned good!!! And this method is actually easier than sitting down to draw each individual picture. Took a long time though to get each picture just right, but I managed it, and I didn't have to waste any paper doing them. Leastwise not until the time comes to actually print this book.

Anyway, as I was taking a break from drawing, I looked around the internet at my e-mails and messages like I usually do. I went back to YouTube, it's usually the first place I go to check messages because I want to get my visit there overwith for the time being. Well, I noticed I had 2 messages. One at least I can almost always assure myself will be posted on one of my vegan videos. Well, this time there was 2. One on each segment, both by a person who calls himself ddcasil. He claims he is from the USA, but I highly doubt it! No one from the USA, except me, would have been up at that hour. More likely he's one of those teenage bellyachers from the UK. They are so common on YouTube. Well, he wasn't all bad, he was kindof creative. But even a fanatical vegan at his most creative is nowhere near as creative as I am. His first message on my first vegan myths video was this:

"who looks healthier the vegan or the obese clown?"

I thought this was kinda funny. I mean, it's the first time someone has ever called me a clown. I like it. Clowns are supposed to be funny, and I think I'm right in saying I'm a pretty funny person when I want to be. So, I decided to jab back at him:

"Answer: The obese clown. LOL!!"

I personally have never seen a vegan I thought looked healthy. Fanatical vegans though are brainwashed. To them, pale, bald and wimpy is healthy looking. But not to me. I'd rather look like I look now than to be a pale wimp with no hair. I have no problems for someone my age who has been obese for the better part of 8 years. I admit though I could stand to lose a few pounds here and there. But I am happy with the person I am. These vegan fanatics will never succeed in making me think otherwise. Besides I just never care what vegan fanatics think anyway. The reason I am writing this blog is because I want to show you all what happened next. hehehe!

On my second vegan myths video, this person made 2 comments. His first one was once again directed at my looks (as they usually are by all fanatical vegans):

"why would anyone listen to this fat mess"

Notice he never uses proper grammar skills. I always felt if you want to be taken seriously, then write like an adult. Though I usually ignore grammar unless it's from someone like ddcasil, who no doubt is out to show others he is somehow better than me. Like I once told someone else, I only look for perfect grammar from people who think they're perfect, and the people who especially match that description are fanatical vegans. That's why none of them have any friends or subscribers on YouTube. Or they don't have but a few, and usally all of them are other fanatical vegans. Well again I decided to have some fun with this chap. I responded:

"Because I know more than you do. :)"

Yep! ddcasil is dumb as dirt! Just like all other fanatical vegans. He was a little more creative though. Just a little bit. But as usual, I am even more so. And I don't need the help of TV shows or movies to give me ideas like most of them do. I sure as Hell don't need Pokemon's help! Well, it was this next comment from ddcasil that triggered possibly the most ingenius comment I ever thought up. On my second vegan myths video, his last comment was:

"did she say that an apple is bitter? hahahaha"

Now, mind you once I put up a video on YouTube, I almost never watch it again. Because I want the number of views to be those of other peoples'. I wish YouTube only counted original views, instead of repeated views, but it doesn't. So, I don't watch my videos once they are put up. But I don't remember saying in that video that apples are bitter. So I watched it. I remember around the time Gary Yourofsky talked in his video about putting an apple and a bunny in the crib with a child, and before then had talked about how humans are naturally strict herbivores, I was talking about why vegetables are bitter to children. And many of them are because they started off in the wild as toxic. There is no denying that. The vegan fanatics do though. Vegan fanatics are much worse than pet people! That's because the fanatics are always in denial. Anyway, here is where the genius comment comes in! My response to ddcasil's last comment was both standup-comedy quality and well-thought-out. If I do say so myself:

"What's stupider than a NON-vegan NOT saying an apple is bitter? Answer: A vegan calling an apple a vegetable! LOL! Hello pot. Meet kettle. ;) :P"

heheheehe!! Well, he said it! I never said an apple was bitter, but by him making that observation, he was indeed calling an apple a vegetable! LOL! That's one fanatical vegan who could never truthfully claim to be smarter than I am! LOL! That is always so typical of fanatical vegans. I've come to recognize fanatical vegans by these simple little phrases:

"your stupidity" (sometimes they spell 'your' like 'you're').
"do research"
"fat and ugly"

LOL! And other such kinds of phrases. For those vegan myths videos, I did a lot of research. (OK, maybe not for the speciesism thing! But for that I made another video). The trouble with fanatical vegans is no matter how much research you do, they are going to keep saying it's not enough unless you actually mention something they want to hear. And it has to be told their way. They don't want you to tell people that we need meat. They don't want you to tell people that dead animals cannot feel themselves being cut up. They don't want you to tell people that veggies like cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts were toxic until we domesticated them. They don't want you to tell people that beef farms do not keep cattle penned up 24/7/365. They don't want you to tell people that more animals get killed each year through the harvesting of vegetables and fruit, either directly or indirectly. They want you only to tell people that animals are being tortured, that we don't need meat, that a cow is at the same level of importance as a human, and more important than a wild animal, and that we did not have to domesticate some varieties of vegetables to make them non-toxic. That is why I never listen to vegan fanatics. I got one guy the other night commenting on my video and griping about what I said, and demanded to see proof of what I said in the form of websites and written material. Well, I went to his channel and I noticed he is a PETA supporter! LOL! How ironic! I basically said to him to look at my blog, I have links here to those places I researched to make that video. He kept saying my video was based on opinions only and that nothing I said was based on truth. I told him that if he believes PETA is honest, and I am not, then I KNOW I am doing something right!! LOL!

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