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Monday, October 24, 2011

Round 2 of "I'm The Boss"

Well, this morning I took my dogs out to this field again, and this time I took my camera. I fully expected to run into that woman with Bella again. Well, I did not see her out in the yard. But I ran the camera and talked a little bit about her. I told about how she went all ballistic because I confronted her about the piles of dog crap in that yard, and when she did it told me I must have struck a nerve with her. Made me think perhaps she was indeed the one who has not been picking up after her dog. Well, I was going to capture her bitching at me again (as I am sure she would have) and I was going to have it on film. Well, I got something even better than that! A lot juicier. She did not come out into the yard, but when I was about to bring my dogs back into the building, I noticed Bella at the door looking out at me and the dogs. I didn't see that woman at first though. I did notice the leash attached to Bella's collar. The other end of the leash led to the stair case. Then, I noticed that woman peaking from behind the wall and drawing her head back, like some kind of turtle. I thought to myself "Oh this is perfect!" and I whipped out my camera, and caught her and Bella on film.

Bella's a cute little dog, but she's mean as Hell!! Don't let that cute face fool you! When I saw that woman hiding behind the banister, I laughed so hard. It was so fricken funny!! She's scared of me now! LOL! Now I know for sure I struck a nerve with her. But I will always call out irresponsible people! I don't care how pissed off they get at me, or how scared. Irresponsible people hurt everyone. If our landlord could have seen the piles of dog crap left out in that yard, she would never allow us to use that area again. And I don't want to go to the dog park when it's -30 degrees out there, and possibly blizzard conditions, which is very common here in Montana during the winter. So I don't want that privilege taken from me. At first I had no idea who left their dog's droppings out there. Now I know for sure.

I really feel sorry for this woman. More than anything. She must be in her 70s, and she acts like a 5 year old the way she hid behind the banister. I don't know if she thought I could not see her or not, but this was funny! At the same time I could not help but feel sorry for her. I'm about half her age, and I don't hide from her. I walked out on her and Bella in the yard yesterday, I never hid from her, and when she started bitching at me, I bitched right back. Personally, I thought that was over with, but she has held that grudge like some teenager who has nothing better to do. Me, I have bigger things to worry about than her. I'm still in the process of trying to finish this story. Like I said earlier, I am not that great at drawing caricatures, and this story requires it. So I have that on my mind now. Not what some wierd-ass woman who cannot take responsibility for her own dogs thinks of me. And besides, I cannot stand irresponsible people! I've said it before, and I will say it again and forever!

I've had nothing but trouble because of irresponsible people. A lot of apartments and rental homes do not allow dogs because of irresponsible people. It's been Hell trying to find an apartment back on the coast! Walmart does not have layaway anymore because of irresponsible people. Although I am glad they brought it back just for Christmas this year! Show breeders are always so hostile because of irresponsible people. Believe me, if show breeders were to be actually the nicest people you could ever meet, I would not loathe and disrespect them so much. But very few of them actually are nice. Everything bad in this world has happened because some idiots did not take responsibility for what they did or whatever decisions they made. So, I will always call out on irresponsible people.

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