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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creative Fat Jokes

I love a good joke as much as anyone, even if they are directed at me. Well, last night I was thumbing through Youtube and I found this video of a very large black guy harassing a couple of white people, one of which called him the "n" word. You all know what I mean. The black guy must have weighed about 600 pounds!! Even I looked at him in amazement! I left a comment saying:

"Man that dude was big! He makes me look skinny!"

And well, he does! The guy is HUGE!!! Take a look for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_42_TFPuX0 But that is not why I am writing this. I am writing this because I saw probably the funniest... No wait! Let me rephrase that....I saw unquestionably the funniest fat-related comment I've ever seen in my life! And believe me, I've seen them all. Or I thought I did. It was a comment made by someone who calls himself MrCodgamer1234, about 4 days ago. This is what he said:

"6 Levels of fatness
1. Big
2. Healthy
3. Husky
4. Fluffy
5. DAMN!
The guy is OH HELL NO"

LOLOL!!! I had to laugh when I saw this comment! I even gave him another thumbs up! I really wish people would get on my channel and say stuff this funny! This was my response to this guy:

"@MrCodgamer1234 Now why don't the fat haters that get on my channel ever post anything this creative???? All I ever get are the dumb-as-shit fat haters."

It's true too! I get only the stupidest fat-related comments by people who don't even have a half a brain cell between them to come up with something creative. All I get are comments like these:

"fat troll"

"mushrooms are disgusting...LOL
being fat ugly pig like you is disgusting!"

"Fat bitch"

"Fat ass"


"your fat"

None of those are creative. They're things I've heard almost on a daily basis for many years! They're nothing new. I wish to GOD I could get some people with a lot more imagination making comments on my videos. I dunno. Maybe it's that I have too much imagination, and I expect everyone to be more like me. Even the comment about the wild snorlax has gotten old. I see that comment now every time I see a video about a fat person. Besides, I finally found out where these kids got that from. It's a damn character on that stupid Pokemon show! And I hate Pokemon! I hate all anime in fact. When I was a kid, I used to like Mapletown. But now that I found out it's anime, I've lost my taste for it. Kids today live it. And I used to get laughed at because I loved cartoons like Fat Albert and Groovy Goolies. BTW, someone else already made the reference to Fat Albert on that video. But I think that guy qualifies as even bigger than Fat Albert.

Anyway, I wish the creative fat haters would get on my channel and make some comments, and stomp out these uncreative fat haters. I don't mind name-calling, but I like it much better if the jokes were actually funny. I've seen some uncreative fat haters that were just evil, and those people I usually just block out. I got one the other day that commented on my Vegan Myths video, and he was just plain evil! He even went so far as to claim he was not a vegetarian, and said that I give all non-vegans a bad name. Well, I saw through his little scheme instantly! He was obviously a vegan fanatic, he was just hiding it so I would not call him a vegan fanatic! But I can tell vegan fanatics miles away (usually). If he wasn't a vegan, then my video would not have been any issue to him. And no other non-vegetarian has ever complained about me standing up for their rights to choose their own lifestyle. So, this guy was definitely a vegan, and a fanatical one at that. Don't try and tell me you're not a vegan buddy! Or maybe, keep trying. I'll just laugh at you. But I blocked him. He was evil! After his comment about me giving all non-vegans a bad name, I just told him "Allow me to invite you never to return to my channel again." Then I blocked him. For all I know, he could have been MsPearlsGirl in disguise, now trying to convince me she's not a fanatical vegan. LOL!

I don't like blocking people really, but when I think they are behaving in a way that may lead up to them being threatening, I block them. If they show the signs of being the kind of person that is just coming to my channel to gripe and complain, I usually block them. Not always though. But then, I am doing them a service. I'm telling them that if they don't like my channel or videos, then don't come back! Simple as that. And I help them out by blocking them. That should give them a great head start in not returning to my channel! If I don't like someone's channel or videos, I don't comment and I don't return. Anyone who does otherwise can't be right in the head, IMO. Or they like subjecting themselves to torture and drama. I personally don't like drama queens, so I block them.

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