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Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Many "ism"s

I just saw and favorited a video on YouTube, and it's a cartoon from 1948. It was a good cartoon to watch, it talks about us having freedom to do whatever we want, and to make whatever choices we want. Nobody appreciates that as much as I do. I am a total free spirit. You'd be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who takes as much advantage of freedom as me. The only people who come close are the Westboro Baptist Church. The only difference between them and me is that I actually appreciate those people who died to make this country as free-willed as it is. I bless the soldiers in my prayers every night. I thank them for giving their lives for this country, and hope they return to this world to have another good life again. See, I believe in reincarnation. hehe!

One of the things that is pointed out in this cartoon I saw is that there are too many "ism"s. I so agree with that! And these days, people have carried them too far! When I talk about ism's, the first one that comes to mind is racism. We still haven't licked that one yet. Moving here to Montana, I find that a lot of people are full-blown racists! Look at the Craigslist Rants and Raves! Especially in Billings. There was one guy who went ballistic with a black guy that posted. It was crazy!! Of course having been to Billings, I can tell you honestly not the friendliest people live there. The people are a lot more stand-offish than they are here. Well anyway, racism was just the beginning of all the ism's. It goes all the way up to the latest (and most useless) one, speciesism. And yes, I found out "speciesism" is real. I still just don't think it's necessary in our culture.

I will admit that the hatred between humans should not be going on. I do wish to see a day when racism is eradicated completely. In fact, ALL hatred of certain groups of people should be ended. I'd like to see racism end, or homosexualism, or feminism, or even obeseism. People need to start just treating other people like people. And if you don't like someone, or a group of people, stay away from them! That's what I do. Animals do it, why can't we? You don't see deer approaching wolves. That's because deer don't like wolves. Deer know to stay away from wolves, and they do it because they don't like them. People can learn a great deal by watching animals.

Well, the thing is, we need to let up a little on these ism's that take away our basic freedoms. I'm all for ending racism, but people have carried it too far! Such is the case of this classic Tom and Jerry cartoon from 1940. Here it is in it's full form: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nEZwSZrbUw. The last time I saw this cartoon was back in 1995. You would not see this cartoon today. Know why? Because of the weak-minded crybabies that believe the woman in this cartoon is a stereotype of black women. I guess they think it paints the picture of post-slavery black people still working like slaves. I like this cartoon. And I think the woman is great! People who would take her appearance in this cartoon as offensive need to learn to get a grip and just have fun in life. She's also "painting a stereotype" of obese women, but I'm not griping about it! It's just a cartoon! It is cases like this where I think people are carrying this "racism" thing TOO far!! This would be where I draw the line at. That woman made several appearances in the early Tom and Jerry cartoons, and I thought she was funny! I don't even watch these cartoons anymore because they cut her out of most of them now! I just think that's dumb!

Now, people have made an "ism" about everything. You can't walk or breathe anymore without someone making an "ism" against it. I'm not asking to eliminate all of them. Just eliminate those that are taking away some of our rights. I think we should begin with the most useless "ism" of all: speciesism! That's the one the fanatical vegans like to throw around too much, and it's part of their ploy to get people to stop killing animals for food. I love animals, but some animals were made to be eaten. That's the law of nature. No reason behind it, that's just the way it is.

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