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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are We Only Normal?

I sometimes wonder if my sis and I and our closest friends here are the only normal ones in this building? Or is it the location? Maybe everyone in Bozeman is normally like this? But there is this woman, named Jane, who lives here in this complex, and she does some weird-ass things! I usually like people who are a little bit wacky, but this woman needs some help. She likes to tell people she is one of the world's greatest dog trainers. According to my friends, she has never been educated in dog training at all. She does have 3 tiny dogs, all of whom are old as dirt, and skinny for their size. You can feel their ribs. And Jane has told Deb (one of my buddies here) that her dog looks sickly. Deb's dog looks perfectly healthy to me! And his ribs are not sticking out either. But Jane likes to believe she is the world's foremost authority on dogs.

I heard Jane's called the police on so many people so many times that the police told her never to call them again. LOL! The police said that they were going to start fining her when she calls. Another weird-ass thing Jane does is she chews her dogs' food for them and then spits it out into their mouths. Disgusting!!! That's probably why her dogs are so "ribby". When I heard she does that, I was like "Hello? Ever hear of putting water in your dogs' food?" If her dogs cannot chew their own food, she should try that. Or get the dogs food that comes in smaller chunks. Dogs really do not chew their food, they are supposed to swallow it whole. Another wierd-ass thing that Jane does is she picks up her dogs' droppings and sniffs them! She claims that's the only way to tell if your dog is sick or not. This woman is obviously too weird for me! After hearing about all this nasty shit she does, I'm not sure I want anything more to do with her! Sure she seems nice, but this stuff is nasty! And I don't think I want to see her when she does all this! And she will do it in public! Think nothing of it, she will do it in public with everyone looking.

Well, Sharon loves Jane! I always knew Sharon was wacked in the head. I could tell just by the people she hangs out with! That Helga for one thing. That woman I always refer to as "that wacky woman", because that's what she is. And that Raymie, the woman who threatened to break Odessa in half. Everyone knows that woman is wacked in the head too. But she is that way because of a stroke. So, she really cannot help it. But Jane is a vegan. And according to the vegan fanatics, you never will suffer a stroke if you are a vegan. LOL! Your mind just goes wacky.

Actually to reiterate that, if you eat a lot of potatoes you will never have a stroke. And I LOVE potatoes!!!!! I prefer them baked. But I read that in Woman's World magazine. I love those magazines! They have shown me a lot of things I didn't know before. For example, the thing about acupressure. Using that, you can get rid of sinus problems, belly aches, and insomnia, just by rubbing different areas of your hands. I think I will make a video about that soon. I did a video this past weekend about how to boost your self-esteem, and it was based on what I read in one of those Woman's World magazines. Of course they were methods I already used, but to find the methods I've known for years in a magazine, well, it proved to me that I know more than I thought I did! But then I always go by sheer instinct. I do what works well for me and that's it. I don't care if people oppose it or laugh. At least I don't go around sniffing my dogs's poo! LOL!! Or chewing their food for them and spitting it into their mouths! YUK!!!

I mentioned in my latest video about how I can be struck by trolls and haters and still keep on laughing and smiling and just being myself. I never let them get to me because there are things that I have that they will never have, and those are mostly the good memories and fun I have of good friends and family, and of Tim Farriss. Plus I've accomplished quite a bit! I am especially proud of my Metazoic project. I put a lot of work into that, and some World-renouned scientists have praised it. That's something I never expected when I started this project! It's just a bonus. But I have achieved it because I am so dedicated to my project. I have to say, Metalraptor played a huge part in getting me more motivated about my project. So I have to give him some of the credit too. Family and friends also played a large role in that too, because they believed in it. That may sound corny, but it's true. Some of my friends even inspired it. Particularly those who I worked with in the UMG Productions studio. There is nothing like writing stories in the manner of Dr. Seuss. LOL! I don't mean with the rhymes, but with the hypothetical creatures. Like in his ABC book.

Well, some people may scoff, or say "that's not so great", or even say I'm delusional, but the accomplishments speak for themselves! They are things I am particularly proud of. And NO troll or hater could ever possibly take those away from me. They can only dream of taking them from me. LOL! :)

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