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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weird Eastern Weather

Well, so far people living on the east coast have been having a rough year. I have some friends and family that lives there now. I hope they are getting by. Although I phoned Eva, a couple of weeks ago, and she said she and the family are OK. That was before this snow storm hit. Now, I cannot get ahold of her again. She lives in a big house and they are hard to heat. I know she said she has a fireplace, and I know she will know to use it. LOL! I'm talking like I am her mother! LOL! She also still has that big dog too. She can cuddle up to it. But Eva doesn't really like dogs. As far as I know though, she hasn't gotten another cat. I don't think. I didn't ask her last time I talked to her though.

You know who is to blame for all this mess happening this past year on the east coast? I'll bet you anything Hobofart is to blame! It's karma. So they got all the snow we were supposed to get here in Montana! Well, I am glad we don't have snow yet here. That means I can go back to putting my dogs in the dog park, and I don't have to worry about going to this other side of the building and try to avoid stepping in Bella's piles if Jeri isn't going to pick them up right away. Besides, I'd much rather run into Karen and Kim (our friends here) than run into Jeri. LOL! Well, Jeri's not all bad. She just acts like a teenager too much.

Jeri's friend, the other woman in this complex named Karen, came up and talked to me about Jeri after that incident. She helped me to understand Jeri's side of everything a lot better. She told me the reason Jeri doesn't always pick up Bella's droppings right away is because she has a very bad hip, and she does not always feel like going up and down the stairs to do so. Jeri never told me any of this before! And I don't know her. I thought she was just an irresponsible person. I told Karen even if Jeri does just go out and pick up Bella's droppings later on, I still run the risk of stepping in it. Even if Jeri is just making things harder for herself. But I am used to only irresponsible people getting angry at me for asking them to be more responsible, so it's not a surprise that I thought Jeri was just being that way. She's such an angry and overly-sensitive person!

Well, after Karen's explanation, I felt the need to apologize to Jeri because Jeri told Karen she felt like I was harassing her. And I surely did not mean to make her feel that way. I took it as me just being helpful, and her refusal to take care of her dog as her being an irresponsible pet owner. I didn't know if that last time she actually saw Bella dumping in the yard or not. But Karen said she always sees it. She just doesn't pick up right away. I was like "OK. If that's her MO, it's her business." Of course if I step on the mess, then it becomes my business. So now, I owe Jeri something of an apology. But she's such an angry and bitter person (she only has one friend that I know of) I know what her response is going to be. She's going to say "That's bullshit!" But I don't care. If I do apologize (and I will), I won't be doing it for her. I'll really be doing it for my own peace of mind. I don't care if Jeri hates me. I don't want to be friends with her. I like happy, cheerful and playful people. I don't like angry, bitter, or overly-defensive people like her. I don't hate her. I just don't care to become friends with her. I am glad she and Anna get along though. Anna is so unoffensive, very opposite of me! LOL! But Anna is going to be living here a Hell of a lot longer than I am! I want her to get along with everyone. Well, I take that back, I know that guy Andy does not get along with Anna, but that's his doings.

Yesterday when I ran into Karen (my friend here) and Kim, Karen is all of a sudden now sweet on Andy. First she didn't trust him, now she is sweet on him. I love Karen a lot, but I wish she would make up her mind! I told her Andy is the only person in this complex that I know I don't like at all. She said to me there is no reason for that, and I said "Oh yes there is" I told Karen how he growled at Anna one day when she went to the laundry room. Karen looked puzzled and said "He growled??" I said "Yeah." That was strange to me too, but I didn't do it. Karen asked "And who did that hurt?" I answered, "It's disruptive." I know how Andy "growls". It's not a cute little growl like Curly did on the Three Stooges. Andy is loud. Let me rephrase that. Andy is L-O-U-D!!! I'm surprised Karen didn't hear him. I'm surprised I didn't hear him!! But I have heard him growl at me and Anna in the dog park. I just wish Anna would quit responding to him! As long as she does, he's just going to get louder and louder with her. I totally ignore him, and it drives him fucking CRAZY!!! LOL! I don't look at him, I don't respond to anything he does, I never say 2 words to him. I just totally ignore him. I wish Anna would do the same. Yesterday when I was at the dog park, and he came in, he did just about anything to get me to respond, but I wouldn't. I just looked away, and made out like he wasn't even there. It drove him nuts too! LOL! And that's even funnier than any verbal response I could have given him.

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