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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Round 3 With Bella's Mom

I finally found out Bella's owner's name! Her name is Jeri. I should have guessed it would be some masculine name like that! LOL! She's not at all lady-like. I've actually known several women named Jeri and they were all like that. Well, I ran into her again this afternoon taking my dogs out. There is a huge window on the staircase, and I saw Bella from there, and I didn't want to put my dogs out with Bella for fear she would attack them. I stopped on the stairs when I noticed Bella was out there, and Jeri called up to me and said "could you wait a minute?" I told her to take her time, and I waited with my dogs there on the steps. Well, I happened to look down and I noticed Bella took a big dump in the yard. I figured Jeri would go out and pick it up, like she said she always does. But she didn't. She just realed up Bella and started heading for home. She said "Thank you" to me and I said "No problem." Then I said to her "Just to let you know, Bella took a dump in the yard." At first she did not hear me, so I repeated myself. Then she asked me to repeat it again, and I did.

Well, this was where she flew off the handle. She said "Thank you very much for telling me." I said "You're very welcome." Mind you, I was very polite to her, and I was just letting her know. Well, then Jeri said to me "I really wish you would stop worrying about it, because you're really making me SICK!" I told her, "I was just letting you know, in case you didn't catch it." Then she points her finger at me and said "And let me tell you something young lady, if you continue to harass me, I'm going to have you reported and kicked out of here." I matched her attitude with one of my own. I said to her, "You know what, you need to lighten up! I was just trying to help you." Jeri then says "Whatever!" Then she goes on about how she's having surgery (I suppose to play on my sympathies) I told her "I'm sorry you're having surgery, but you still need to take care of your dog..." I was going to add "Or get someone else to take her out for you." But she interrupted me. She kept going on calling me 'baby' and 'bitch' and telling me to shut up. Every time she told me to shut up, I kept telling her to get over here and make me shut up. She said "Oh I'll make you alright!" I told her "I'm right here! Make me shut up!" I wish to GOD she had tried to lay a hand on me! I'd have ripped her another butthole!

Well, she clambered down the stairs calling me every name in the book, and I just stood there and smiled, and I told her "Just so you know, I will be telling Lois that you are not picking up after your own dog." She answered, "Oh you just go right ahead!" And I told her "Don't think I won't!" I saw it with my own eyes, Bella took a dump and Jeri did not pick up after her. She shouted "Go and tell whoever you want, bitch!" I said, "You bet I will!" then she said "Good bye, bitch!" I reminded her that I would be telling Lois about her. Then she repeated "Good bye, bitch!" I just laughed and said "good bye!" LOL! Then she said bye one last time and slammed the door. All that time I was wishing I had my camera, this would have been great footage! Damn!! I never have it when I need it. Should I have told Jeri that I love being called a bitch? hehehe! Bitch means "beautiful, intelligent, talented, charming and horny", so I love being called a bitch. That wasn't the only thing she called me though. But notice I never once called her a name. Never!! I refused to stoop to her level of intelligence. I won't say that some monikers didn't cross my mind, but I refused to call her names and lower myself to her level. I actually had to stop myself from saying them a couple of times. LOL! And I was genuinely trying to be helpful. She just got angry because I was reminding her that she did wrong.

Well, then I put my dogs out in the yard. Shortly afterwords, Anna came out with Odessa and put her out. I told Anna about the incident with Jeri. Another resident, Karen (not the one I used to meet at the dog park, she owns Shadow) overheard what I was saying. So, I told her too. I knew she and Jeri were friends. Karen said "I wouldn't worry about it." I asked her "Why? Is Jeri not right in the head?" Karen amusingly said "Aren't we all?" LOL! I told Karen I was only trying to help Jeri, but Jeri is an asshole! I hated to say it, but it's true. She's as bad as that guy Andy. I'd love to see her report me and have me thrown out just for telling her that her dog took a dump out in the yard. I remember Sharon tried exactly that same thing once. I remember one time, Cora, who is Sharon's german shepherd dog, took a dump in the dog park. Well, Kim saw her do it, and Sharon was not in the park at that time. So, when Sharon came to pick up Cora, Kim told her that Cora took a dump in the park and pointed out where she had done it. Well, Sharon got pissed off at that, and threatened to file a restraining order against Kim for harassment. Well, Kim telling Sharon that her dog took a dump is not harassment! I think Jeri needs to learn that too. LOL! But let her try reporting me! I told her to go for it! LOL! See how far she gets. I'll file a report against her for calling me names and telling me to shut up. LOL! Which I cannot really, because it's free speech, but Hell, if she wants to persue this, I'm ready. I think I could get her for [close to] threatening me when she said she'll make me shut up. LOL! BWAH!!

I wish she had put her hands on me! I really wish she would have!!! I just hate though arguing like that with such an old woman. I sometimes feel like I'm arguing with my grandma! She must be in her 70s, and she acts like a teenager. Or a 20 year old. And she did start it. I was just being helpful. I had no idea if she knew Bella had dumped or not. I was perfectly willing to be friendly. Well, I won't try that anymore! Now, whenever I see her, I'm going to keep giving her Hell about her dog. Especially if I see her not picking up after it. And yes, I will tell Lois that Jeri was the one not picking up after her dog.

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