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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"I'm Checking On You"

There is this old woman who lives in this complex, on the first floor. She's usually an OK person. Well, about a week or so ago, I went to put my dogs out and I noticed there were piles of dog droppings in the yard. With winter approaching, I don't go to the dog park anymore, so I take my dogs to this corner field to let them relieve themselves. Now, mind you I have no idea who left those piles of dog droppings out there, but when I see them, I get pissed because it tells me that someone is not being responsible for their dogs. And I hate irresponsible people! I believe all irresponsible people should be horsewhipped. I was not accusing anyone, but I saw that woman out there with her little dog, Bella, and I asked her (as I would have anyone else) "are you going to pick up her droppings?" I was just making sure. She answered "If she was going to do something, I would definitely pick it up." I was like "OK." For me, that was the end of it. Then she looks at me and asked "Why? Are you checking up on me?" At first I thought she was being a little bit sarcastic, I watched her face and looked for any hint of a sarcastic smirk. I decided to play along, in case she was being playful. I smiled and answered "Well, yeah maybe." Well, that made her angry and she said "I don't need anyone to check up on me." I just told her "That's fine!" And happily went about my business. I supposed she thought I was accusing her, but I could not because I didn't know who had been leaving their dogs' mess and not picking up. But judging by her reaction to what I was saying, I think I struck a nerve, deeply! Perhaps it was her who had been leaving her dog's droppings out there. I just didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to accuse. After she went back in, I just burst out laughing at the whole situation! You all know how I am. :)

Well, the other day, Anna and I had returned from a trip to Butte. I told her to go ahead and put the dogs out, and I would put our stuff we bought away. So she did, and after I was finished, I went out to meet her in that same field. Shortly after I got there, that woman with Bella came out. The first thing Bella did was attack and bite my Vegas, causing him to squeal. I was angry, and I shouted at Bella to leave my baby alone! She did. LOL! I had just told Anna about my incident with that woman a few days before. Anna knows how I can get and she also knows that woman. She said "usually she's not that bad". I said "I know." Some of the people who live here are pretty messed up. So, I just take what they say with a grain of salt, which is why I didn't blow up at that woman. Not even when Bella attacked Vegas. I've been told that you cannot trust either Bella, or her companion's dog, Shadow. They both tend to attack out of the blue. My friends told me they do not trust Bella or Shadow. Now, I understand why.

Well, this morning when I took my dogs out, that same woman was out there with Bella again. I don't run into her very often, really. Maybe about once a week I might come across her, but so far, that's been the only average. This time, Vegas started to go for Bella, and I told him a very firm, "NO!" I told Vegas to stay away from that dog. He did. Minnie started to squat and take a dump, and that woman said to me "Are you going to pick up your dogs' droppings?" I smiled and said to her "I always do!" She started rambling on about how I was checking up on her, so I believe she was trying to piss me off with that question. But she failed in that endeavor. I'm not as sensitive and messed-up as she is. I quit getting pissed off at the little things when I was in my 20s. LOL! She kept mumbling and going on about how I was checking up on her and all. She said "I don't appreciate being checked up on! You mind your own dogs and I'll mind mine." I reminded her "I was just making sure!" Again, I was not trying to accuse anyone. Then I said to her "And speaking of things not appreciated, your dog bit my dog the other day!" She said "Oh really?!" I said "Yep." Then she mumbled something else, I didn't really hear what. The whole time she was talking, she never looked me in the eyes. I was waiting for her to so we could have an intelligible conversation. I could barely make out what she was saying with her looking away and mumbling. All I could make out was "I don't like being checked up on" and blah-blah-blah. So I just laughed at her.

Afterwords, her friend came out with Shadow, and Shadow immediately started to go after my dogs. Thankfully her friend was able to hold Shadow back. The two of them got to talking about me, I was sure, because I heard the older woman say something to the effect of I'm the boss, and I was like "Oh yeah, give me that position!" LOL! And the younger woman was looking my way. Then as they left, they were talking about being the boss and supervisors and stuff. I just laughed and I shouted at the older woman "I'll be checking up on you!" and I laughed some more. I was being sarcastic, as they were, which was fine with me. I'll say one thing about my encounters with the fanatical vegans, now I've learned even better how to deal with people like that. I just laughed at the whole situation, I said to myself "Ehh, just a stupid old woman who can't take responsibility, and she's getting pissed off at me because of it." I think I will ask her everytime now if she's going to pick up after her dog, just to piss her off more. She was actually kinda fun to piss off because of the way she just flies off the handle. I think maybe I should make a movie of this.


Katrina said...

hey tg. are you going to pick up after your dogs?

TimGal said...

Are you checking up on me, Katrina? I don't need anyone checking up on me! I don't appreciate being checked up on! You mind your stuff and I'll mind mine. LOL!! ;)

TimGal said...

Now I'm going to hide behind the banister until after you leave.