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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Pick On Kids?

I wonder why it is when a child makes a video and puts it up on YouTube, it goes viral and becomes the subject of controversy and hatred? First it was Jessie Slaughter, now it's a chick named Amber Cole. People say "Oh this should not have been done by a 14-year old!" I mean really. Don't sit there and try to tell me you didn't have those kind of urgings when you were 14. I don't know of a 14-year old that didn't! Unless that person was from a very religious family (like I was). But in all honesty, how many of these people, who are sitting at their computers calling Amber Cole a "whore" or a "slut" or a "ho", can really claim to be religious? Now, I admit my ma always told me never to let a guy do me until I get the gold band on my finger, and I followed that advice my entire life. Then when I got married, I didn't want to do it because I hated the feeling of "you know what" going up "you know where". It didn't make me sick, it was just painful as hell!!

As I understand it, Amber Cole just did it with a boy to try and get back at her ex-boyfriend. But I don't think she meant her escapade to be filmed and then put up on YouTube. I haven't seen the video, and I don't want to! Anyone who does, I'd say is a pervert!! Stuff that one in your shoes you viral-video-viewers! I just heard about this young girl last night when I saw a video from one of the guys I'm subscribed to. But I wonder, why do people insist on hassling children on the internet? That's supposed to be against the law! So why aren't these laws being enforced? I don't hassle anyone on the internet, unless they start their shit with me. But to harass a child because someone put a video up of her having sex, that's silly. Doesn't make sense to gripe and fuss on the internet over something like that. I say if you are going to hassle anyone, hassle the kid who took the video and posted it on the internet without that girl's consent. Hassle the parents for not raising their kid up right. Don't blame the child for that, she doesn't know any better! Parents today are just not teaching kids any sense of moral values. How can they? I believe this is a sad commentary to our struggling economy. Parents cannot teach their kids, they have to work. And many homes are single-parent homes. Now, I am not saying that a lone parent cannot train their kids well, but if a single mom has say, 5 kids, there is no way in the world she could bring all 5 of those kids up right, especially if she has a job.

I once worked for a woman who had 3 kids, and she was on welfare. She was a lone parent too. I remember her kids doing some very outlandish things. I don't think she was consistent with them either. I remember babysitting them once, and the kids going out to play and not returning for hours. Then, when I went looking for them, I came across a guy who said the kids had been playing in his yard, and took a dump in his flowerbed. He yelled at me. I told him I was not the one to yell at, I was just a babysitter. Not their mama. He told me "You'd better start watching them more closely then!" I yelled back that I had been looking for them all afternoon at that time, and that guy just huffed and turned away from me. But I knew those kids' mom, and she was a party animal, and stayed out most of the time. I remember one time she was gone for 3 days, and I could not locate her. Even her boss was looking for her because in that 3 days, she hadn't reported to work, and never called. At one point, she called from a friend's house, and I asked her when she would be back, and she kept saying "Oh, I'll be back later." But she never returned. So for 3 whole days, I had to be those kids' mom. I wonder what would have happened had I not been there and she took off like that? When she did come back home, she was drunk, and slammed on the sofa, and slept for the whole following day.

The point is, she didn't raise those kids. I don't know if anything changed after I left there, but I do remember the mom was gone most of the time, and when she was there, she was either drunk or too lazy to do something with her kids. That's why I think kids should have both parents in their lives. Because I would not be surprised if either one, or maybe even all those kids, turned to drugs, premature sex, or even criminal behavior when they got older. The last time I saw either of those kids, or the mom, I was on a bus, and we were still friends, so we exchanged phone numbers. This was 3 years after I had to quit working for her. She never phoned me though. I liked those kids, I would have hated to see them turn their lives to something negative. But I also realize it would not have been their fault. I feel the same way when I hear of kids having problems on YouTube, especially with the trolls there. And I know the trolls on YouTube can be evil, nasty creatures. Some of the worst ones don't have any videos up of themselves. Not all the trolls are like that, but most of them are. I've seen some that actually did have videos up of themselves, showing their own faces and stuff.

Well, people can be very cruel, and kids cannot handle that. I can take name-calling. In fact, I relish it! Especially if they are vegan fanatics, I love their name-calling. They don't realize it, but when they call me names, it just proves that I have given them a strong argument that they cannot disprove. Like I always say, a person knows they've lost the battle when they have to resort to name-calling. That's why I laugh at them, and why I do not feel ashamed of my "Vegan Myths" video like they think I should. Because more vegan fanatics have proven over and over again that I am right in debunking their beliefs. I remember one guy was even bold enough to accuse me of "trolling vegans". LOL! I told him, several times, that was my channel, and I'll put whatever videos I want on there, and it would not be trolling. He doesn't have to watch my videos. I don't recall ever asking him to. I ask no one to watch my videos, ever. I never have. I think people who do that are spammers and deserve to have trolls hassle them. But I just make the videos and put them up. It's the other person's choice to watch them if they want to. Regular viewers who say they love my videos, I always tell them to keep watching. But that's as close as I ever get to inviting anyone to watch my videos. And I save that only for people who have said they love my videos, and I feel that they have actually meant it. I've had a few people (mostly vegan fanatics) say in mocking tones that they love my videos, then they turn around and call me names. That's how I can tell they are vegan fanatics, LOL! But I can tell when a person is really sincere, and I always like hearing from them on my videos.

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