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Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead!!

Great news! For the time being. Bin Laden has finally been killed. Though a lot of my buddies are saying not to celebrate too long, because it won't be long before someone more powerful takes charge of Al Queda. While I cannot get away from that possibility, I say let's live in the moment! We've waited long enough for it! We cannot think about the future just yet, now we need to relish the present. Once the celebration is over, then we can think about the future. I know this is not completely over. That would be hoping for too much! But I'm going to bathe myself in the victory that is now ours! Justice has been served for those who were killed in the 9/11/01 disaster!! Those people can finally rest in peace. I know Eva stated she lost a dear friend in that disaster (just don't ask me what the person's name is!) I don't even know if the person was a man or a woman, but I do know that person, along with thousands of others, can finally relax in their places in Heaven, knowing that the one who caused their fate has been dealt with. An eye for an eye!

Celebrating aside, I also cannot help but wonder what will happen next? I remember after 9/11 happened, those associated with the attackers said they were going to target 7 more major US cities. Seattle might be among those that are next. No doubt Washington DC might also be among their future targets. I would also say Los Angeles might also be a target. Of course here, I am just speculating, I have no clue what is going to happen next. Just saying this is what the attacking countries were saying after 9/11, and listing some major US cities that could become potential victims. Watch out! There are no major cities though in Montana. I don't think Montana will become much of a stop for Al Queda. There's not even an air port.

Well anyway, I hope it doesn't happen at all. But we just cannot afford to celebrate too long. While I do not agree with the way the message was sent by some of my buddies, I know we have to think about what is going to happen now that that jerk Bin Laden is dead. Well, I am faithful to my friends, but a lot of peoples' feelings were hurt by those who were attacking America. This is why I don't discuss politics that much. But this was a big thing in the news, and we've been waiting so long for this moment!


mikessa said...


There are airports in Montana, there's one here in Bozeman and I have been to the one in Billings. But Al Qaida is not gonna hit any of the airports here. Hardly any people live in Montana. They are most likely gonna hit the bigger cities about 10 times the size of Billings.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Ma and I heard it on the news tonight. She doesn't believe he's dead. I think it could be the mistakes made on our channel's news.