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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amy Lee Is No More?

Hmm, I wonder. I just tried to click on her blog link and it's no longer available. What do you all think happened? Did she finally realize what she was doing is wrong? One can only hope so. Actually, I don't hate the woman. I just feel sorry for her. She is living in an imaginary world. My biggest fear is that someone would believe all the things she was saying. And for a while, it seemed a lot of people did! That was wrong! Especially since she was doing things like accusing famous rock stars of raping children. That's not right! She could get them in serious trouble for that! And she put herself in a great position for a major lawsuit! That kind of accusation could tarnish the image of the stars she was talking about.

She also has said things like Michael never had a daughter and never had sex with Paula Yates. Well, I don't know how she can look at Lily and not see Michael's face. She looks every bit like him. And she has a great figure just like Michael did. All of Paula's other kids are overweight. So, I know Lily did not get her good looks from Paula. There was none on her side to inherit. Everything good about Lily, she got from her father. And she is a beautiful young lady. But apparently Amy Lee did not believe Lily exists or something. Or she'd never seen her. Because if she had, she would not have said that she wasn't Michael's baby.

Well, I would like to think Amy may have come to her senses and seen the err of her ways, but I am not so sure. She probably has another blog out there somewhere and she is probably doing the same shit she was before. I swear she honestly believed all the things she wrote. But that's not even the sad thing about it. The sad part is there will always be some fools out there that will actually believe her too. The careers of some famous rock stars are at stake once this happens. I was serious when I said she should forget about this blog stuff and just take to writing fictional novels. Particularly I think she would be great at writing mega mystery type novels. She's great at picking out patterns in things. I mean that too. Take it from me, I can spot this kind of thing in people. I have a knack for it.
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