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Monday, October 12, 2015

Fans Vs. Fags

I thought I should write about this. I've been talking about fans vs. fags for a long time now, but I realize I never got around to explaining the real difference between the two. There is a very big difference. You know it when you see people in these categories. Most of the "fags" I would wager are young folks who have not completely come to terms with their own interests. Usually they are under the age of 30, but some can be up to 35 years old. It is probably controlled by genetics, or could be upbringing, but the age of the "fag" depends on their level of maturity.

I've met all kinds of "fags". Some of the biggest have been veganfags, catfags, and Yatesfags (recently). You can call them whatever you like, they are known universally as "fags", "tards", "maniacs", "radicals", "militants", whatever you prefer to call them. I call them "fags" usually. Now, by calling them "fags" I am in no way making fun of gay people. Originally, a "fag" was what you call a stick that is used to start a fire. So, IMO, this is the perfect word to describe the lifestyle of these radical fans. Fags, just like fans, come from many different genres. As I pointed out, there are veganfags, which are radical vegans, catfags, which are radical cat people, and Yatesfags who are those militant Paula Yates fans. There are other kinds of "fags". "Religionfags" or "Christfags" are what I also call radical christians. There are also INXSfags, even Hutchfags, and yes, there are dogfags too. Everything that has fans will also have fags too.

I try very hard not to gain "fag" status, but to just have my own interests. Fags are usually followers. They are people who pick up their interests and behaviors from others. Most of them outgrow their militant lifestyle by the age of 40, unless there is an underlying mental disturbance. Fags do not make good friends, because they will dump you if you say what they consider one wrong word against the object of their interests. As an INXS/Tim Farriss fan, I've seen INXSfags as well. Not that I like that type. I try to stay away from them. I love the fans, but I don't love the fags. Yes, there is a difference. A fan is someone like me. A fag is someone like those Yatesfags I wrote about a couple weeks ago. I took that post down though. Maria said she wanted to move on, and I agreed. Not that it changed my mind about the Yatesfags. I didn't delete the post either, I put it back in draft. I can whip it back out any time I want to, and I will if those damn Yatesfags ever bother me again! Besides, it's important to me to remember their names. That way I don't even accidentally try to be friendly with any of them. Knowing how my mind is, I'd quickly forget their names, and that's a no-no. I don't want any friends that are radicals. They can go off and make friends with their own kind. Come back to me when you grow up! Even then, I won't buy. Once a fag, always a fag.

Fags are pretty much nothing more than very insecure people. That is why they behave the way they do. They are insecure knowing not everyone is going to like the same things they do, so that is why they feel the need to battle with others. To the fag, not agreeing with them is the same thing as being against them as a person, and it scares them. Much like the attitudes you see in street gangs, or social dictators, people like Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Fags often think they know everything there is to know about the object of their desire, and blindly attack or fight and call the other person "biased" that knows more than they do. Really, they are not as knowledgeable as they think they are, and more often are full of bullshit.

Anyways, there are differences between fans and fags. BIG differences! For example, I'll use the Yatesfags...

1. A Yatesfan will say "I admire Paula Yates. But I still like you even though you don't like her."
A Yatesfag will say "If you don't like Paula, I don't like you!" Or will see something like my pictures where I cut her out and say "you're just jealous!" or "You are fucked up in the head for blacking her out!!"

2. A Yatesfan will understand that some people don't like Paula.
A Yatesfag will say "You're being disrespectful to Michael and [Lily] his daughter by saying you don't like her!" or they will think you are "jealous" of Paula and that is the only reason you don't like her.

3. A Yatesfan will just say "Well, I like Paula" and leave it at that.
A Yatesfag will argue, kick, fuss, cuss you out, or throw a tantrum because you don't like Paula.

4. Fans carry no grudges.
Fags will carry a grudge forever until they learn to understand the world better and they come to terms with their own interests.

5. Fans are aware of their reasons for liking or not liking something.
A fag won't leave you alone until you agree with them.

6. A fag will pull out every guilt-trick in the book to make you feel bad about not liking the same thing they do.

Yes, some might argue that Michael was a Yatesfag. But I think his primary concern was in trying to get the press off their backs, not to make the paparazzi's like Paula or him. When Paula put herself out in the public eye, she set herself up for lashings and hatred from the public. Whether she is innocent or not. Not everyone is going to be her fan. There's some who will like her and some who will not. I took the same risk when I began putting up videos on YouTube. I didn't expect everyone who saw my videos to enjoy them, or even like me. But I don't pay the haters any mind. I just ignore the haters, let them go on with their hateful lives and thank the people who do enjoy my videos. Though I admit sometimes I miss having fun and trolling the trolls back. But I don't do it. Shoot! Then that would make me my own fag. LOL!!

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